Passing on the Love of Rocks!

Thank you Northwest Treasures and the Homeschool Review Crew for the opportunity to review Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes from their Geology for "Little Eyes" series.

Many years ago when I was trying to finish up my Associate of Arts degree I needed to take a science with a Lab or another math class.  I looked at the math classes and went nope. Not happening.  I looked at the science classes. Remember it had to have a lab.  I quickly crossed off Biology. I was not about to dissect anything.  Chemistry was the next to go as it had too much math involved.  I settled for something called Physical Geography.  It was listed as a science. It had a lab.  It met the requirements I needed.  I fell in love.  Physical Geography is part of the Earth Sciences.  It's geology that focuses on the physical characteristics of the Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.  I mostly remember the lithosphere stuff.  I was hooked on geology.

I went on to study Historical Geology and Physical Geology and briefly considered moving on to get a Bachelor's degree in Geology and becoming a geologist.  I was so smitten with rocks that I even spent time during spring break identifying rocks I found.

I passed my love of rocks down to Turtlegirl.  She studied rocks and read books about rocks and minerals.  She began her own rock collection.  Her studies were always informal.

I remember stopping at the Northwest Treasures booth at the home school conventions I attended. Unfortunately, as much as I drooled over the rock kits, I just didn't have the ability to purchase them.  Turtlegirl had to settle for teaching herself using whatever we could find but this summer?  This summer we are developing a love of geology in Supergirl. She is so excited that she now has her own rock collection from the Rocks and Mindersals for Little Eyes kit.

What is Northwest Treasures?

Before I tell you about this kit let me give you a bit of background on Northwest Treasures and Patrick Nurre.  Northwest Treasures is a 501(c)3 organziation.  Patrick Nurre is "an ordained pastor, and is certified as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional."  He has spent years doing field study and conducts geology classes and seminars.  He even leads field trips to places like Mt. St. Helens or Yellowstone National Park.

From the About Page:

At Northwest Treasures, we stand unabashedly for a young earth and global flood as revealed in Scripture. Most of our classes will reflect that worldview. However, our classes can be tailored, depending on your group, to share simply the science of geology without reference to our philosophy.

Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes:

We received the kit which included the book,  a set of rock forming mineral samples, a set of rock samples, and a set of Alphabet Sheets.

Let me take a moment and tell you about these fun Alphabet Sheets.  There is a picture and a definition for every letter of the alphabet.   Some are rocks such as B  Basalt.  Others are minerals like J Jasper (a type of quartz).  While others are places or names of volcanoes: N Northwest "Most of the active volcanoes in the United States are located in the Northwest US."   These sheets came in a thick resealable plastic bag.  We've just enjoyed snuggling  together and looking through the pictures and reading them.  I do plan for Supergirl to use the ones for minerals and rocks to see if she can find those in her samples but I don't see these actually referenced in the book.

Rocks and Minerals Book Lessons:

This soft bound book includes an Introduction for Parents, 11 Lessons, 19 Activities and a Materials List.  It is 54 full color pages.  Questions and Activities are in red in the text.

The first two lessons really lay the ground work or foundation by discussing The Creation of the Earth (Lesson I) and the Flood (Lesson II).  These lessons are more Biblical in their focus and include scripture references and verses for Memorization.

Supergirl is an unusual student in that even though she is working at 2nd grade level for most things she is 20 years old and has had lots of exposure over the years to many topics including Creation and the Flood so these lessons were a little below her level but these are perfect for young students whose parents wish to lay a firm foundation for young Earth creationism.

Lessons III through X are more science focused as they explore rocks and minerals.  Lesson III explores What the Earth is Made of.  There are lessons on what rocks are made of, what the differences are between rocks and separate lessons for each type of rock.  The Young Earth Creation worldview is still clearly present woven into the lessons but these lessons do not have scripture and memorization verses.  You will still find sentences like "Some were formed during the Flood, but most were most likely formed at the beginning of the Creation,"  or "The Book of Genesis reveals to us that God made all things."

Some lessons are longer and some are shorter.  For example Lesson V is 3 pages long but lessons VIII, IX and X are each only 1 page.  I really appreciate that Mr. Nurre takes the time to really explain rocks.  Rocks are made up of minerals and minerals are made up of elements.  Elements are the atoms or the basic building blocks God used for all created things. (page 12).


Our most favorite part are the activities.  Every lesson has at least one activity and with only 11 lessons and 19 activities that means some lessons have more than one activity!

In the back of the book there is a master materials list.  This is great and I used it to start gathering what we needed but I do wish that it indicated which lesson it was needed for.  I love that each activity also lists what you need for that specific activity.

Most the activities give a brief statement that lays out the purpose of the activity.  For example Activity 14 (which we haven't gotten to yet but I am so looking forward to Making Metamorphic Rock Candy), says "Metamorphic rocks are thought to form through heat and pressure. This activity simulates that process.   Some are pretty self-explanatory like making crystals.

One of the things that I appreciate about the activities is that they use common items. For the Density Column in Activity 2, I did purchase some things like a cheaper store brand honey since I didn't want to use our raw honey but we already had just about everything else they suggested. 

I also really liked that many of the activities are edible.  Children, or at least my children really love being able to create something they can eat.  Our Making Crystals (Sugar.. aka Rock Candy) is not ready yet and we haven't gotten to Activities 13, 14, and 15. I sure am looking forward to Lava Rock Candy Dessert, Making Metamorphic Rock Candy and Making Sedimentary Rock Treats. I know we won't be getting there for a couple more weeks but I already bought the crisped rice cereal and marshmallows.  Don't tell Supergirl.  She's going to love that activity though!

How We Are Using Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes

We are moving at a pace of about two lessons per week.  We do not always do the activity on the same day as the lesson so we work on this 3 to 4 times a week.

Turtlegirl is the primary teacher.  She reads the lessons the to Supergirl and leads the discussion.  I'm usually in the room when this happens and it really makes my heart happy to hear Turtlegirl sharing her love of rocks with her twin sister.

Usually the next day they would do the activity. We tended to do the activities more in the evenings or on weekends. Turtlegirl took the lead with those but they did become more of a family event at times.  The Density Column sat on my counter for a few days.  Supergirl made sure that everybody knew they should not drink it.  "Daddy! Don't drink it! It will make you sick." 

When we examined the crystals made from Epsom salts everybody took a moment to look at the crystals under a magnifying glass.  Only Supergirl and I stuck our hands in the bowl though to really feel the crystals.  I admit it, I really liked this activity even though it wasn't edible.

Turtlegirl shared with me that she thinks Supergirl's favorite activity so far was to make a clay model of the Earth.  "She really enjoyed it, mom.  She liked working with the clay."

 Even Dad got a bit involved with our Rock Investigation.  He asked what were doing and I said we were comparing rocks.  He even held a few in his hand to see which was heavier.

My Thoughts:

If you are looking for a program from a Young Earth Creationism worldview to use to introduce your children to geology, then I highly recommend Northwest Treasures.

I also recommend checking out their video Taking the Mystery Out of Geology.  In this video Patrick Nurre defines 13 terms.  The video will give you a good feel for the philosophy and worldview that Northwest Treasures holds.

 Crew Leaders Amanda and Michele wrote reviews for physical kits as well.  Check out Amanda's review of Volcanoes for Little Eyes and Michele's review of Geology for Kids.

Crew members had a choice between the Dinosaurs and the Bible or Geology and Apologetics online classes.   Be sure to read their reviews at the Homeschool Review Crew Blog!


B is for Bug {Another Alphabet style update!}

I'm back again with another update!  Did you see the A update?  A is for Academics.

I'm wanting to get caught up to fully participate in the newest round of Blogging Through The Alphabet which is now hosted by the lovely Amanda at Hopkins Homeschool and Kirsten from Doodlemom.

This part of my "Update Alphabet Style"  series of posts since I did not have a blog posts for a very long time!

B is for Bug!

Bringing Bug Home!

No not an insect.  Bug is a young, adorable, black, domestic short hair cat that we adopted Mother's Day weekend.  She was Honeybear's gift to me for Mother's Day.

During Holy Week, our beloved George the Cat got very sick.  His bladder was blocked and he spent the night in the vet hospital.  We brought him home on Tuesday evening and the vet was hopeful that he would recover, but over the next few days he began to decline.  On Holy Friday we made the difficult decision that it was time to say good bye.

His bladder was blocked again for the  second time in 5 days.  It was absolutely horrible to have to tell the techs that we needed to talk about our options.  I knew what our options were:  1)put him through a painful procedure to empty his bladder and have to keep doing this to him  or 2) let him go.   When we talked to the vet and as soon as we said "this is the second time he has been blocked in 5 days and his lab came back and he has no crystals in his urine" it became very clear that option 2 was the best choice. 

George on Holy Monday waiting for the vet.

I cried more than I thought possible.  I missed him more than I thought a person could ever miss a cat.  He was part of our family.  We'd adopted him (and his littermate Lacey who we had to let go of two years ago) when he was a kitten.  He was 16 when said goodbye.

Most of my family wanted to adopt another cat right away.  I wasn't ready though. I needed more time.  He was my baby.  For weeks I would walk past a room and think I saw him and then I'd miss him all over again.           

Honeybear mentioned going to the shelter to look at cats for Mother's Day.  He brought this up about 10 days before and I wasn't sure if I was ready.  I kept telling the family that I wasn't sure we would come home with a cat.  I wanted to make sure it was the right cat.  We filled printed out the application form and we had to go on Saturday since the shelter is closed on Sundays.

We walked in and looked around. I wanted a younger cat.  Not necessarily a kitten but under 2 years old.

 One of the volunteers pointed out Bug.  She was hiding under her blanket but when my husband started talking to her she came out.  She stretched and she  responded by "making biscuits."  She also growled but we were told that she would growl instead of purr.  When asked if would like to visit with her we said yes.

 I wasn't sure she was the right cat.  She was black!  I didn't necessarily want another tabby but I wasn't sure I wanted a black cat.  And she was skittish.  And shy.

Bug was very shy when we first met her

In the visitation room she didn't want to come out of the carrier.  She huddled in the back as far from the door as she could get.  BUT, she let us put our hand in and pet her.  And eventually she moved closer to the door.

We spent a good chunk of time talking to her and petting her even though she never came out of the carrier.  When she purred for me as I pet her, I knew.

We wanted to be absolutely sure that we were not just bringing home a cat to bring home a cat.  So we told them that we thought we wanted her but we wanted to look a bit more just to be sure.  They kept her in a carrier rather than put her back in the kennel.  Less traumatic for her.

We looked at the kennels of a few others.  There was another black kitty, male who was a couple of months younger than Bug but he wouldn't come out of hiding for us the way Bug did.  NONE of the other cats connected with us the way Bug did.  Yep she was the one.

We think she may be part Siamese.  Her meow sounds very loud and Bug is very talkative.  She's also very smart and plays "fetch" or reverse fetch as we call it.  I am told these are Siamese traits.

She's also polydactyl.  Not just her front paws either but her back ones too!  Typically cats have 18 toes.  They have 5 on each of the front paws and 4 on each of the back paws.  Bug has at least 22 toes but we suspect that she may actually have 23 or 24!  She is so adorable with her mittens.

Bug has extra toes on both her front and back paws.

She's certainly made herself at home and we all have fallen madly in love with her.  She's been part of our family now for 2 months and 10 days.  We're still getting to know her and she's still getting to know us.

We know she likes to climb so we got her a three tier "tree" and we got her a short one too.  She likes to hang out with us in the family room and often uses the 'tree' as a base for her favorite game of "make the human fetch the toy."  The shorter one is in front of my bedroom window and she loves to curl up there and take a nap.

Bug sleeping in her short perch

Bug loves to join us in the family room!

She has worked her way into our hearts and I think we've worked our way into hers!

Blogging Through The Alphabet


A is for Academics (Alphabet Style Updating!)

Yes, Yes we are still alive here!

It has been ages since I posted.  I had such plans for posting far more frequently.

I even planned to join in a new round of Blogging Through The Alphabet which is now hosted by the lovely Amanda at Hopkins Homeschool and Kirsten from Doodlemom.

Since I am weeks behind I thought I'd do an update of sorts Alphabet Style!

A is for Academics!

Boobear applied to a few local grad school programs. I am so thrilled and proud to announce that she was accepted by her first choice school and will be starting the Masters in Social Work program this fall!

Turtlegirl finished up her 2nd year at University and will be heading back in the fall for her third year.  She received recognition from the Foreign Language Department as an outstanding second year German student!  Did I tell you that she is now officially a Pre-Law student? She's majoring in Philosophy with a minor in German.

Tailorbear rocked her first year at technical college and is really thriving as part of the Digital Entertainment and Technologies program.  She will be continuing to take classes this summer and is registered for a full course load for both summer and fall.  Oh and her spring term? 4.0!  Yes, yes I am bragging just a bit!

Tailorbear started her her classes this week and is super excited about her Digital Art and Photography class.  She's been taking pictures in black and white and I asked her if I could have one for this post.  She let me use this one of Bug.  She is still getting to know the camera.  This photo hasn't been touched up at all.

Photograph of Bug by ALH @2018
(photo is used by permission)

Supergirl continues with her home education.  Recently we started the Intermediate Level (3rd & 4th grade) from Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  I absolutely adored this program when I used Unit 1 with ALL of the girls years ago and Supergirl enjoyed using the Primary for a few lessons a few years ago.

Supergirl is also continuing with Reading Eggs for some phonics reinforcement.  Our subscription ended in the summer and I actually purchased a year subscription for her.  The crew had the opportunity to review Max Scholar so we've been using that a few times a week as well.

We took a break from our American History studies but are back at it again.  We've added an American History for Beginners course from SchoolhouseTeachers.com (affiliate link) to go along with the YWAM Publishing books we've been using and TruthQuest.

Just this week we started playing with rocks.  Well sort of!  We'll be reviewing the Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes Kit from Northwest Treasures.  This week I read through the Text and came up with a plan with Turtlegirl.  Turtlegirl, Honeybear, and I all sat down and watched the 20 minute video Taking the Mystery out of Geology   Supergirl watched most of it with us but mostly it was good information for Turtlegirl and I to understand Mr. Nurre's approach.

I am so looking forward to growing crystals and making rock lava candy!  We'll also get to make a clay model earth, explore a density column and split rocks with water!

So I've got summer school covered for Supergirl.  Maybe I should start thinking about a fuller schedule for the fall?

Are you doing school this summer? What are you studying?

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Revisiting First Form Latin from Memoria Press {Crew Review}

Way back on my 2nd year on the crew I reviewed First Form Latin from Memoria Press.  I was so impressed that I purchased two additional student work books so my three "big" girls could study Latin together.

Boobear wanted to revisit Latin.  She asked me if we could get a new student workbook so she could go through the program again.  Her timing was perfect. Memoria Press generously included a new student workbook in my Crew Leader package.   We already had the rest of the set and only needed the Student Book.

Memoria Press recommends First Form Latin for grades 4-9.  I think this age range works well if the younger students have completed Prima Latina or Latina Christiana.  I believe this to be an excellent introduction to Latin for students in 6th grade and older including adults.

The Complete Set of materials includes:

  • Student Text -- 9 x 7.5 inches.  Each of the 34 lessons are are concisely presented on a two page spread.  120 pages.  Includes 7 Appendices which cover things like Prayers, Latin Sayings, Grammar and more!
  • Student Workbook -  Full Size!  There are between 4 and 6 worksheets per lesson. It is recommended to do every workbook exercise. The Student book states "it's almost impossible to practice Latin too much."  Student Workbook includes Grammar Questions Appendix with instructions for Rapid-Fire Review
  • Teacher Manual --  Full size!   The Lesson plans have the student text inset. The TM also includes teaching guidelines. Like the Student Text the Teacher Manual includes several appendices.
  • Quizzes & Tests booklet -- Exactly what it says! Includes Quiz for every lesson and Unit Tests.  These are perforated for ease of tearing sheets out.  I love that feature!
  • Teacher Key --- This includes answers to the workbook sheets, quizzes and unit tests!
  • Pronunciation CD --  This includes all the vocabulary and grammar forms for each lesson. Very helpful when trying to do recitation!
  • Flashcards --  When I received mine originally they were in sheets.  These are very helpful for drilling!
  • DVDs -- In this 3 DVD set, instructor Glen Moore walks you through each lesson. I believe that the DVD was the only reason we were successful the first time. Boobear did re-watch lessons to refresh her memory. 

For how to use this more traditionally you can read my previous review of First Form Latin.  Be sure to also check out the other reviews currently being linked to the Homeschool Review Crew Blog.

I asked BooBear to share her experience revisiting First Form Latin.  Here is what she had to say:
When I was in high school, I did the First Form Latin program. I went through the course with my younger sisters at the same time and we would watch the lessons together and sometimes work on worksheets together or on our own. We would also drill vocabulary together. It was a wonderful bonding experience to study a foreign language together and helpful to have a study partner. When I went to college, I wanted to take more Latin as my foreign language in college, however, the way the courses were structured when I needed to take my language classes the 100 level Latin classes were not being offered. Instead I took German, but I found my Latin background extremely helpful. The way German’s conjugate verbs and their grammatical gender is similar to how Latin is. There were a lot of differences but understanding German grammar was much easier because I had studied Latin.
 Now that I have graduated from college I have wanted to get back into Latin, however, I took Latin close to 6 years ago and I need to refresh my memory. So, I am reworking through First form Latin. I have been watching the lessons which are all short and easy to get through. Because I am working full time now, I have less time than I did in highschool to study Latin. The way first form is structured that makes it easy to work through a lesson when I can. One of the things that I really appreciate that has changed since the last time I took the course is the student workbook. It is so much nicer to have it be spiral bound. The flat binding was very irritating to work with because it didn’t lay flat and it felt like you had to beat the binding into submission in order to get it to work with you. The spiral binding is great to use at my desk in my bedroom. I can move between that and checking any grammar or vocabulary in the student text without worrying about the student workbook trying to close on me. It is also convenient to take outside and work on Latin in the sun. Or in the case of my often messy desk, I have limited space and being able to have it lay flat and not be as spread out. The upgrade to spiral binding is best thing about this.
Completed Workbook Page from Lesson 3 -First Form Latin

Completed Worksheet from Lesson 4 -First Form Latin

Unlike BooBear, Turtlegirl moved on to Second Form Latin while still in high school.  She too found that studying other foreign languages were easier because of her Latin Studies.  Last summer when she got home from college, Turtlegirl began working through Third Form Latin.  I wrote about her experience using Third Form Latin.  She plans to continue on to Fourth Form Latin.

Because there are so many benefits to studying Latin, I encourage other homeschooling families to study Latin.  I recommend using the materials from Memoria Press.

In addition to offering Latin, Memoria Press also has a brand new Music Appreciation I course and brand new spelling programs:  Traditional Spelling I and Traditional Spelling II.  Watch my blog for how I am using Traditional Spelling I with Supergirl but in the meantime visit the Homeschool Review Crew to read reviews of the different Music, Latin, and Spelling programs from Memoria Press.

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Planning a Different Kind of Graduation Ceremony {Homeschool Diploma Review}

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that I have four daughters. Three of my beautiful girls have graduated from our home school.  The oldest has even graduated from a local university with her Bachelor's Degree.  My fourth daughter, who is actually my 2nd oldest is on her own path.  Medically fragile and developmentally delayed she's on the "we'll keep homeschooling as long as she keeps making progress plan" which means that she may never actually have a high school graduation.

When her third sister graduated she began to ask about her own  graduation.  We came up with a plan. When she finished Level C of her reading program or reaches the equivalent reading level she can have a graduation.

When I found out that the Homeschool Review Crew would have the option of reviewing the Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma package for kindergarten from Homschool Diploma I started thinking this could be the motivation we need to make this happen.

Supergirl isn't just mentally developmentally delayed.  She's physically delayed as well.  At 20 years old she is just at the beginning of puberty. She is tiny but would the K sized cap and gown work for her?  I checked out the sizing on the gowns and yes the largest size they offer, size 36, is for those who are 4'3" to 4'5".  The sizes are based on the actual height of the graduate from top of head to floor.  You will want to measure your graduate with the shoes that will wear for graduation as that will affect their height. Because of her short stature the gowns for older students graduating from high school would be far too big. I love that she gets to have a real cap and gown like her sisters did and that it fits her.

Ordering was super easy!  First pick your gown color.  There are three choices: Royal, White, and Red.  Supergirl wanted green.  She was disappointed that green, her favorite color wasn't an option.  She chose Royal because "Twinnie's graduation was blue."  For some reason Turtlegirl has become Twinnie. I mean they are twins so it makes sense but it's only been recently that Supergirl began talking about "my Twinnie."

After choosing the color, you are taken to a short order form.  For an additional cost you can choose an optional Kinder V-stole.  I choose not order one of those. I didn't order one for Turtlegirl when I ordered her cap and gown in 2016. Boo Bear didn't have one when we borrowed a cap and gown for her ceremony.

The Kindergarten Diploma is optional.  You can include it at no charge.  The design you receive may vary. It is a full 8 1/2 x 11 inches and it feels like magazine paper.  Mine arrived tucked between two stiff, thick pieces of cardstock for protection.  This is high quality and is definitely a keepsake to treasure.

Then you choose your size.  Gowns are sized by height.  Next select your tassel. They have 40 color combinations to choose from!  Guess what color she wanted.  Did you say green?  Yep. She wanted green. I talked into in a green and white one with a silver clasp. We got a 2018 charm.

Unlike the 8th Grade and High School Diplomas the Kindergarten Diplomas are not customized.  You must fill the name of the student and where it is presented and there is a line to sign and date it.  It is adorable.  I'm including an image of  the one on the website so you can see the another design as mine shown above is different.

The Kindergarten Diploma is available for purchase separately if you want the diploma but do not need a cap and gown.

I won't be giving the beautiful Kindergarten Diploma to Supergirl though because hers is not a Kindergarten graduation.  It's not a high school graduation so the Standard Diploma won't work and neither will the 8th Grade.  I am not sure what we will do but I will want it to be as beautiful and special as her sisters' diplomas are.

I do not know when we'll have her ceremony because it is a reward for reaching a goal. She's on her own timetable so it could be this summer or we could be looking at a Fall Graduation like some colleges do. I do know that Daddy will give a speech just like he did for the other three girls.  We'll get all dressed up and we'll go out to dinner.  We may even have an "open house" and invite a few close family friends to celebrate with us. She'll have her moment to celebrate her achievements of reaching an academic goal just like her sisters!

If you are looking for a High School Diploma check out my review from earlier this where where I discuss the Personalized and Standard Diplomas.  We have a few crew members who also reviewed Caps and Gowns and a few more who reviewed 8th Grade Diplomas.  Be sure to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read about the other options for your homeschool graduates!

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Diplomas for your Homeschool Graduate! {Review}

Yes, my three big girls have all graduated from our home school.  In 2013 when BooBear graduated, we didn't have a beautiful professional diploma to give her.  We did a small ceremony and printed out a nice piece of paper to give her.  Her dad gave a really touching speech.

In 2016, the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to review a high school  diploma from Homeschool Diploma. I received a Personalized Diploma for Turtlegirl and I purchased a Standard Diploma for Boo Bear.

In 2017 Tailorbear graduated and  I had every intention of purchasing a diploma for her. My husband and I had talked about it.  We were so impressed with the quality of the diplomas and the service provided by Homeschool Diploma but I procrastinated. I kept putting it off and putting it off.  I am pretty sure I win the loser mom of the year award for not having it for her at graduation.

We then found out that the Homeschool Review Crew would have the opportunity to review Homeschool Diploma again. Tailorbear was excited when I told her that mom now had the kick in the pants to order her a diploma.  Did she want the Standard Diploma? Did she want the Personalized One?  We actually pulled out her sisters' diplomas and looked at them.  She said she didn't have a preference but I decided I preferred the options available with the Personalized Diploma.

Homeschool Diploma offers their High School Diplomas in two sizes 8.5 x 11 and 6 x 8.  We chose the larger size for each of the girls.  Homeschool Diploma also offers a savings when buying multiple diplomas. This is available for both Standard and Personalized and for both sizes.

Both diplomas can be customized with graduate information, location, date of graduation.  Both diplomas have a center seal.  With the Standard Diploma you only have three choices of embossed foil seals. With the Personalized Diploma you have those same three seals plus an additional choice of five engraved seals. There is an additional cost for the engraved seals.

Another major difference between the standard and the personalized is wording.  With standard you do not have a choice.  You can customize the personalize one with several different wording options. There are four options each with two to three choices.

The Personalized Diploma overs an optional Verse or Motto and customized signature lines.  The Standard version has two signature lines.  One is labeled Administrator and the other Instructor.  Withe Personalized for both Turtlegirl and Tailorbear we chose to put Administrator under both lines.

Either Standard or Personalized will give you a choice between Ivory and Cream paper but only with the Personalized will you be able to choose, for additional cost, optional hand calligraphy.  We did not choose the hand calligraphy for either of the girls.

For a small additional cost you can add an honors seal to either diploma. One of the things I loved bout ordering was the link to a chart to help decide which honors seal we should choose.  I was thankful that this was available for all diplomas.  While I could have gotten an honors seal for Tailorbear she chose not to have one.

Here you can see the High Honors seal on BooBear's diploma:

Both diplomas offer 7 colors and 8 designs for the cover.  Here is Turtlgirl from her 2016 high school graduation.  Yes she is wearing a cap and gown from Homeschool Diploma but sadly that particular style is no longer available. She choose a black cover.

For each of our girls we had a simple family only ceremony.  We decorated the house.  We all got dressed up.  The graduate got to wear a cap and gown.  Honeybear as Father and Principal gave a speech.  Each year those speeches have made me cry.  He would spend some time working on them jotting down things very specific to the graduate.

We are so blessed that Honeybear's parents could fly out each time to be part of the special celebration.  After the speech and the photos we would all go out to dinner at special restaurant. Graduation is a milestone event and we wanted each girl to have a special memory of the event.

These diplomas are very professional. Having a professionally done diploma is important. It's not just a piece of paper. It represents an achievement. It's opens doors for further education and meaningful employment. Thanks to Homeschool Diploma each of my graduates have a beautiful diploma to commemorate their achievement.

Homeschool Diploma offers an 8th Grade Diploma, and a Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma package for kindergarten. Looking for Graduation Announcements or Thank Yous? They offer those as well.

Some crew members reviewed high school diplomas. We even have a few who reviewed caps & gowns for their graduate.  Visit the Homeschool Review Crew Blog to read more reviews!

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Supergirl and Lazarus Saturday

Today the majority of Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Lazarus Saturday.  For Western Christians today is Holy Saturday, the day after Good Friday and the day before the great feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior.

I've written about Lazarus Saturday before.  My last post that was just about Lazarus Saturday I shared the hymn Rejoice O Bethany because I had been mediating how how Lazarus's resurrection is a foreshadowing of Our Lord's rising from the dead but also meditating on how we are made alive in Christ.

Today though I experience Lazarus Saturday through the perspective of Supergirl.

It started on Friday:

From the backseat:  "When will we put Jesus on the cross?  Is that this weekend?"

Me:  "No dear.  This weekend is Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday.  But this week will be Holy Week.  The 12 Gospels service will be on Thursday"

** Note the service that is served on Holy Thursday evening in the 12 Gospels Matins.  We have 12 gospel readings that that us through the Passion of Christ and at the appropriate point  cross is brought out an an icon of Christ is  hung upon the cross.

Then this morning at church: "Mama!  Where is the purple?  I don't see the purple."

The cloths that line the altar and the stands are purple during Lent.  For Lazarus Saturday they are gold.  The priests and altar servers were purple during Great Lent and they switch back to gold for Lazarus Saturday.

I explain:  "Oh well Lazarus Saturday falls out outside of Lent.  Lent ended yesterday so today we have gold.  Do you know what color tomorrow will be?"

Mantha:  "Green!  Palm Sunday is green!"

She grins from ear to ear because green is her favorite color.

A little while later we are singing:

"As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ."  She has two questions this time:

"Mama, will we see sing this on Pascha?  When do we put Jesus on the Cross again?"

She is really hung up on putting Jesus on the cross but I think I understand why.  You see if he doesn't go up on the cross, he can't come down.  He can't go into the tomb and he can't rise again.   She very patiently explains that he will live again.  He is living now and he will live again.

She also commented on the fact that we did not sing Rejoice O Bethany.  I told her that we didn't have enough choir members and we would listen to it on You Tube when we got home.  She then remarked, "but we'll sing it tomorrow."  Yes peanut we will.

From the second to the last verse of Rejoice O Bethany:

To Thee O Lord of Creation
We kneel down in rev'rence profound reve'rence profound
For all we who are dead in sin
in Thee, O Jesus are made alive
We are made alive!  We are made alive!
For all we who are dead in sin
in Thee, O Jesus are made alive!

For my readers who celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior tomorrow Blessed Feast Day!  For my readers who celebrate Palm Sunday tomorrow Blessed Feast Day!

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Captain No Beard ~ another treasure from Carole P. Roman {Crew Review}

A couple of days ago I shared about how Supergirl and I are using Carole P. Roman's Cultural Series as the spine for our geography studies.  Today I want to introduce you to another Carole P. Roman series:  Captain No Beard.

Carole P. Roman books and collections include the Cultural If You Were Me and Lived in . . . series, the Historical If You Were Me and Lived in . .  . series, Chapter books, Bedtime Stories, and of course Captain No Beard.  There are currently 10 volumes in this delightful series about a boy and his imagination. We do not own them all and we did not read them in order except that we did start with volume 1. I am going to introduce you to four of these treasures today.

Captain No Beard

The first volume is simply titled Captain No Beard but has a subtitle of An Imaginary Tale of a Pirates Life. In this book we are introduced to Captain No Beard, his cousin First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the lion and Fribbet the Frog.  We learn that Captain No Beard lives on an island and with his crew they sail the mighty frigate the Flying Dragon. A name he chose because it sounded scary.  We learn a bit of pirate talk and sailing terms such as "shiver me timbers" and "swab the decks."  The pirates are looking for treasure, run into a storm and encounter a mermaid.

Supergirl said her favorite part was when mom called out "You'll have to clean all this up before dinner," and then joined the fun by presenting them with a treasure of cookies.
"Did I hear you say you were looking for treasure?" She lowered a plate filled with golden cookies. "I come bearing doubloons. Just don't leave any crumbs, me hearties."

Strangers on the High Seas

I think Strangers on the High Seas is Supergirl's favorite.  I let her choose which 4 books to include in the review and she said "you have to do the one with the baby."   This book introduces a new crew member: Cabin Girl Cayla who just happens to be Alexander er um Captain No Beard's baby sister.  You can tell Cayla is new. She makes the mistake of calling Captain No Beard Alexander.  In this conversation we learn that Captain No Beard is in charge of Cayla today and he doesn't like it. But he and the rest of the crew learn that she is just as valuable a crew member as any of them when she says them from the strangers on the Shark Bait.  The book teaches in a gentle but fun way about stranger danger.  It's a great way to talk with young children about what to do if a stranger tries to talk to you and you feel uneasy.

Four of the books from the Captain No Beard series by Carole P. Roman

The Treasure of Snake Island

As a literature loving family I think The Treasure of Snake Island could easily be my favorite. A beautiful and colorful sunrise prompts Polly the Parrot to make an observation and from there the crew begins to ask Polly about books.  Captain No Beard pulls a treasure map out of his pocket and they are off to find the x that marks the spot.  They work together to find the x and dig until they find something. When they open the treasure chest they find the greatest of treasure: books!  "That there be the greatest treasure of them all, Captain!"

A Flag for the Flying Dragon

This one caught Supergirl's eye because of the baby on the cover. She noticed right away that this baby looked different from Cabin Girl Cayla.  I noticed that this book which is volume 9 in the series is thicker than the others.

This time the Captain is pondering A Flag for the Flying Dragon. He wants it to be perfect.  A new member has joined the crew and he doesn't have a job.  Each member of the crew has job.  First Mate Hallie swabs the deck.  Cabin Girl Cayla fills holes on the deck. Linus the lion polished a huge lamp and so on except for Zachary.  First he tries helping Mongo the Monkey and one by one tries to help each crew member but with disastrous results.  Finally Captain No Beard finds an important job for Zachary and he has a flag for the Flying Dragon.  Peace is restored to the crew.  "It was probably the most beautiful flag in the world. It united his crew."

Supergirl's Thoughts:

My favorite is the Strangers on the High Seas.  Captain No Beard was worried about his sister falling off. She said she would be careful but called him Alexander and Captain No Beard had told her to call him Captain No Beard. It's my favorite because I like the baby sister.  I like that Captain No Beard became Alexander again and the ship became his room and he called his mom the Admiral and asked her to report to the poop deck for a diaper change for the baby.
My next favorite is A Flag for the Flying Dragon because Cayla is in it and she is a big girl now and she has two cousins now on the crew.  Zachary joins the crew. He is a baby and his big sister is First Mate Hallie. They need to find something to do with Zachary.
I love the books and I love cuddling with my mom when she reads them.
Supergirl holding her two favorite Captain No Beard books

My Thoughts

I love these books. They are fun to read aloud and they remind me how important imaginative play is to children's development.  Play is work.  Even in these stories we see that children test out and explore real concepts in the safe place of their imagination.

I love that at the end of each book the Flying Dragon transforms back into Alexander's bedroom.   I love how mom is the mermaid in one book and the Admiral in another.

The concept makes me feel warm inside as I remember my own children and their imaginative play.  I've enjoyed snuggling with Supergirl and hearing her giggle as I say "arrrgh" or "shiver me timbers" and she fills in the rest of the sentence when I say "being a captain is . . . " she immediately responds "hard work." She loves that we have been taking time to snuggle on the couch to read and enjoy fun, not school related, books.  They've become part of our bedtime routine.

Carole P. Roman Award Winning Author

I recommend these books. If you don't have children in the 3-8 years old range you'll want these books available to read when babysitting or for grandchildren or nieces and nephews.

Quality children's books are timeless.  Carole P. Roman writes quality children's books be sure to check out some of her titles from other series such as Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump from the Chapter book series or Rocket-Bye from the Bedtime Stories.

Check out my reviews of these books from the Cultural Series: From the Old Schoolhouse Product Reviews:  If you Were Me and Lived in . . . {India, Kenya, Turkey From my blog: If You Were Me and Lived in . .  .{France, Mexico, South Korea, Norway}, and from earlier this week: If You Were me and Lived in . .  .{Germany, China, Russia}.

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Carole P. Roman books and collections {Carole P. Roman Reviews}

Check out Award Winning Author Carole P. Roman on Social Media:

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