La La Logic ~ A Brain Training Curriculum {A Crew Review}

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might know that I am a strong proponent of neurodevelopment activities that lay the foundation for learning.  Even older students and adults can benefit from increasing audio and visual memory skills as well other skills that help organize the brain’s ability to process information. When I looked at the samples at the La La Logic website, I knew I wanted to use the La La Logic Curriculum with Supergirl even though she is beyond the suggested age range. 

La La Logic ~ Brain Training Curiculum for young children. Has both online and offline components. Read review by Tess at Circling Through This Life

What is the La La Logic Program?

This curriculum includes 100 weeks of materials comprised of three components:  The Brain Challenge (Online), Worksheet (Offline), and Enrichment Activities (Offline). Weekly lesson plans include all three parts. The offline components include worksheets and enrichment activities the parent or teacher can downloads and print. The PDF download also includes a tracking page with check off boxes for each day for the three components as well as space for the parent/teacher to record answers to questions such as: what did your child enjoy most? what were the challenges faced this week? and what are your goals for next week?

Brain Challenge

This is the fun, game like portion of the program and is completed online. The Brain Challenge can be used on the computer or on a device such as the iPad or Kindle Fire. This component is designed for the attention span of young children so students can complete the challenge in 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Each Brain Challenge includes a variety of brain training exercises that keep a student interested and engaged. The activities progress in difficulty from week to week and focus on different aspects of cognitive abilities. Within each week the  Brain Challenge presents an average of five cognitive building activities. Most of these include 3-5 repetitions of the activity. Some of the cognitive abilities include pattern recognition, visual memory, visual perception, number sense, logic, reasoning, patterns, sequencing, and spatial recognition.

 Samples of the Brain Challenge Activities ~ La La Logic Curricum review by Tess at Circling Through This Life

When a student makes a mistake, the program encourages the child to try again. The program provides lots of positive reinforcement with cheers and music when the correct answer is given. This provides motivation to keep going. Each weekly session ends with a celebratory You Did It! encouragement. 


This offline component offers fine motor skill practice such as cutting, gluing, coloring, and manipulating paper in addition to reinforcing the cognitive abilities presented in the Brain Challenge.

La La Logic Worsheet component offers fine motor skills in addition to practicing logic and reasonng skills

There is one worksheet for each week. Instructions for completing the worksheet are conveniently located right on the worksheet.  The graphic below shows some of the different worksheet activities but do not show the full worksheet with the instructions.

Samples of the Worksheets from La La Logic Curriculum review by Tess at Circling Through This Life


Enrichment sets provide extension activities. Many of these would work well for slightly older children using the program and could take the place of some regular school assignments. The enrichment activities are scheduled for twice a week. These are much more academic and could easily count for language arts or other school assignments. One of our favorite enrichment activities was perfect for replacing math that day. Skills included money, counting backwards, and dividing! La La Logic provided “star shaped cookies” to cut out.  We supplied pennies.  We talked about how many cookies she could buy if they cost 1 cent each.  How many could she buy if they cost 2 cents each.  We counted backwards using a rhyme.

Extra Practice and Continuous Mode

The Brain Challenge is available in a Continuous Mode that has more a game feel and can be used when the student wants to play computer games. In Continuous Mode the program does not stop after one session. You can choose to start at any section but it does not currently keep track of where you left off playing.

If the student needs extra practice or just really enjoys a particular activity you can access the Brain Challenge activities through the Extra Practice link next to the child’s name. This allows you to pick the specific activity and progress with that skill.

La La Logic provides the opportunity for extra practice!

Using La La Logic Curriculum

The suggested weekly schedule lays out the program for a 4 day week with an optional 5th day. The schedule includes both the online and offline components. La La Logic suggests beginning with the first week even if using it with an older child.

Supergirl completes a worksheet to sharpen her reasoning skills.

They also suggest completing two weeks each week if you have an older child, so that you can move through the program more completely. To double up the program, you would follow the weekly schedule but on day 1 you would complete the activities for week 1 in the morning and week 2 in the afternoon and so on until you finished both sets at the end of the week.

This didn't quite work for us or our schedule.  Instead we would follow the suggested schedule but do two days at one time.  This worked well for us at this time because many of the activities were easy and fun for her and she has the attention span to work for 20-30 minutes easily.

We took a spring break for Pascha and Holy Week and the Continuous Mode of the Brain Challenge was a perfect way to sneak in some educational work in the form of coveted Kindle Fire play time! Supergirl would use the Kindle Fire to access the Brain Challenge in Continuous Mode a couple of times a week on the days that we did not do the weekly Brain Challenge set.

Supergirl using Continuous Mode during her free play time using the Kindle Fire


My Thoughts

I think the program is suitable for a wider age range than the ages 3-6 listed on the website. I think this is also good for 1st and 2nd graders. I even think some 3rd grade students whose younger siblings are using the program would benefit from many of the enrichment activities. I think this brain training program is a fun way to practice foundational skills.  Though Supergirl has completed only 10 weeks of the program, I have jumped ahead and completed Brain Challenges from several weeks at different points. I am very impressed with this program.  We will continue to include La La Logic in our schedule adjusting our pace as the difficulty increases.

The Details:

  • The Vendor:  La La Logic  
  • Format: This program has both an online interactive component and a PDF download component comprised of worksheets and enrichment activities.
  • Price:  $29 This is a one time household fee for a lifetime membership! Pay once and set up accounts for up to 5 children! They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • NOTE:  Check out the FAQ page for answers to common questions.


La La Logic Review

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