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The Spousal Interview

 A friend posted on facebook some questions to ask your spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend).  I decided that since today was my birthday, I wanted Honeybear to indulge me and answer these questions. The rules are WITHOUT any prompting, ask your husband/ wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say. It's great and funny. The outcome can be hilarious... What is something I always say to you? Stop doing that I wish I could protest and say something like I never say that. What makes me happy? Diet Dr. Pepper Hmm I was hoping for something more profound but I guess he's right. What makes me sad? No Sanctuary He means when I complain about not having a place in the house I can go that is clean and peaceful. How old am I? 47? No but since that is younger, I'll take it! How tall am I? 5'4" What's my favorite thing to do? Swear at the computer Um no. (Do I really do it so much that it appears to be m