Goals for 2009

I didn’t start this blog until February but I did set some goals in January for 2009. I have two goals that I plan on blogging about in order to hold myself accountable.

The first goal is to read the Bible in a year. Yes, I have an unwritten, unspoken goal of reading SOMETHING (even if just one verse) from scripture each day but when praying through this goal and trying to set up a reasonable expectation, I realized that when I think of reading “the bible in a year” I have this idea or image that I must read some bible plan each day that requires so many chapters from the OT and the NT so that I read the entire Bible in one year. I put stress on myself because I get “behind” and then I get discouraged and eventually I give up.

So this year I have the goal of reading through my One Year Bible in a year but *ignoring* the day designations. That means that some days I may not read that particular Bible book at all and some days I may read two or three or more “days” worth at a time. I plan on posting on Mondays what I read the during the previous week. Some weeks maybe lighter than others but this way I will have some accountability for myself and a record of what I've read.

My second goal is based on my motto. I read somewhere that I should have a motto for the year. So I came up with "Getting Organized in 2009: One Binder at a Time." I love using 3-ring binders to keep things organized. I have a three ring binder that I call my "working binder" that we use for school. I have a three ring binder for "household stuff". I have a several three ring binders for recipes. I have a binder that we call "the Budget book". One "binder" that I've had in the past was my prayer journal (it wasn't a binder, it was a spiral notebook but it worked). So my goal is to clean up these binders so that I can actually USE them and be more organized.

Though I have the binders, many of them just have papers shoved in waiting until I have time to be perfect. Well that day will never come so we're moving from perfect to usable, one binder at time. As I work through organizing my binders, I will be getting organized in other ways and I'd like to keep a record of this process for my girls as they grow up and eventually have homes of their own to manage.

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