"Profound" thought for toay.

All of us who have children have experienced that moment when our child says something that is just so precious that you need to remember it. Hopefully, you are not like me and end up NOT writing it down and then try to remember it and realize uh oh.. I’ve lost it.

I decided that now that I have a blog, I’m going to write these precious moments down so that when my children are grown, I’ll have these moments to share to with them. Kind of like a diary or journal entry. A place for me to record something that I’d like to remember that I’m sure that I would forget.

So today’s profound statement comes from 9 year old Tailor. I was making Creamy Tuna Noodle casserole to take to church for the fellowship meal. I asked my 13 year old to taste it. She said that she really liked it and that it tasted like Tuna Helper (somehow I think I should be insulted but I know she loves Tuna Helper and so this was a great compliment). That’s when we heard:

“I love it when food tastes like food” the Tailor age 9.

It’s a good thing food tastes like food. Daddy asked her what happens when food doesn’t taste like food. She replied “then it tastes yucky”. I didn’t know that food could taste like something other than food. It’s good to know that if tastes like food is good to eat and when it doesn’t taste like food we can be sure it is yucky.


  1. he he he.... I love 'kid quotes' My favorite from my kiddos was one of the twins commented on her brand new baby brother, "Mommy, where are the stitches?""What stitches?""You know, the ones where God knit him together"
    Loved that one!! xoxo to the family Holly

  2. Oh I love it!!! That is precious. Missed you bunches this morning. Love and Hugs to all of you!!


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