The Challenge

Now that I've posted about my rotating meal plan, I'm posting about a challenge that I've given myself. I've named it "the Debra game" in honor of my friend Debra who inspired me. She had not done what she called "real grocery" shopping for something like 6 to 8 weeks (I'm sorry Debra, I couldn't remember how long it had been). I like challenges. I like being told something is hard, difficult or just not done and then setting out to prove that I could do it anyway.

So I've challenged myself to see how long I can go without doing any "real grocery" shopping. And to add to the challenge I want to see if I can stick to my rotating menu plan. Can I be creative and stick to the menu plan? I do intend to buy things like milk and eggs but at the moment I am blessed with a full chest freezer and a fairly well stocked pantry.

Would anyone (besides Debra *grin*) care to join me in this challenge?

Let the Game begin.


  1. I think the real challenge will be how much you can keep your husband out of the fridge, freezer, and pantry. :)

  2. I would say that he knows better but obviously he doesn't. Love you bunches, honeybear!

  3. I should add that tonight would be one of those nights since we're having soup for dinner. Now where did I put those locks?

  4. Yeah, especially around 9 pm and I start thinking about hot pockets and mini pizzas! I thought I'd been pretty good about not snacking too much on soup night.

  5. You two are so funny....

    And of course I'll join you dear... I get to do this cooking for 8 starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, my MIL won't eat fish, or mushrooms, or... the freezer currently has a lot of fish, so this next week will be more challenging than most.


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