Binder Update

Since my motto for 2009 is "Getting Organized One Binder at a Time", I thought maybe I should post a quick update about my binder organizing.

I've been collecting my supplies. I've decided to combine my three 1" binders that hold recipes that I've printed from the Internet or email groups into one 3" inch binder. My 6 week rotating menu-plan along with the recipes for those meals will still be in a 1" binder.

My oldest is going to make a cover for the Recipe binder. She's very creative and crafty. I think she's inherited it from my mother-in-law. BooBear likes to do "crafty things". I'm very blessed to have a daughter who enjoys those things.

I've also decided that the "budget" book will move from a 1" binder to a 2" binder. I'm thinking I'll had some type of zipper pouch to hold the checkbook, return address labels and stamps. I'm tired of hunting all over the desk (They have a home. They just apparently like to go visiting their desk friends and never make it back to their own slot!) The extra 1" will allow room for the pouch.

I've spent some time trying to decide how I want to re-do my "household" binder. Do I want it in a regular binder or in the really cool zippered one that I had in the closet (that used to be my binder that could go with me. I even added handles to it! It looks like an oversized personal planner/purse combo thing.) All I know for sure is that this binder is way past due for an overhaul!

I found that I have lots of sheet protects and lots of tabbed dividers. Now that I've gathered supplies and made some initial plans, it's time to get down to work. I'm impatient though and I'm a perfectionist. I want it all done NOW and I want it done PERFECT. So seeing all that I want to do, I feel a little overwhelmed. I thought I would initially start with the household binder but I think I will actually start with those recipe binders. I'll be able to set up both the rotating meal binder and the 2" recipe binder so I'll feel like I got more done.

I've also started making notes (mostly mental, which means I'll lose them *grin*) about what meals will need to be switched out when summer comes. The rotating meal plan has really been a blessing. I've saved time by not having to sit down and figure out what to make. I've saved stress by not worry about what's for dinner. I've saved money because I know what I need to buy at the store and I'm not just buying food and then trying to figure out what to do with it. And when one of my children says "I really like this. Can we have it again." I just smile and say "yes, dear in six- weeks"


  1. Morning Tess ~
    While catching up with the HST+ forum digest, I saw your signature line w/blog links. I've read both of them and every entry. Your thoughts about homeschooling, training our children and QUIET time are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love how you are using binders to be organized. I too need to be more organized this year......
    Chele @

  2. Hey! Finally Checking in on your blog. You are doing great! I love the sound of your binder system.

    Amy B

  3. Hello! I have a blog on blogger now. :)



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