Whatever Happened to Honesty and Integrity?

Today a certain store lost my business. Was it because my order wasn’t ready when I went to pick it up? No. Was it because there seemed to be a computer glitch when hubby called it in? No. It is because they lied to me and they called me a liar. It is because they called to tell me the order was ready but I wasn’t ready for it. I asked what I needed to do to make sure that I would not *lose* that order. They told me not a problem, just call when we need it.

Today, they gave nothing but excuses. They told me that they didn’t really call to tell me that it was ready; they called to tell me they had to order it. Yet in the same breath, I was told but we have a record of it being filled and returned (um , hello but that was THEE phone call I was talking about).

They told honeybear that it would not be ready until Monday. Supergirl needs it tonight. I put on my “mean momma hat” and demanded that they *would* get what she needed. Suddenly other branches of this store had the necessary item. I asked “are you going to go get it or are you expecting me to go get it”. (They are going to get it as type this and will call when it is ready.)

Several mistakes and miscommunications happened that perhaps this could have been avoided but what bothers me is that it is so hard to just say “we messed it up when we marked it as returned. We’re very sorry, here’s how we’d like to fix the problem.”

I dislike the squeaky wheel syndrome. You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I dislike grown adults throwing temper tantrums that rival those of a two-year old just because they didn’t get their own way at a store. I dislike that I had to demand that they rectify the situation. Yes if I am honest (and I better be honest since I am complaining about dishonesty), I dislike that I didn’t follow my gut and make some follow up phone calls when they called to tell me it was ready but I wasn’t ready. But I despise being called a liar and I despise being lied to. It seems like lying is the acceptable way to pass the buck: the acceptable way to refuse to take responsibility for your actions and to stand on your word.

I am grieved by a world so caught up in self that we’ve given up integrity to protect our own hides from the consequences of mistakes. I’d much rather hear an *honest* “I made a mistake. I apologize. I don’t know if I can fix it and I think I might be causing you more inconvenience but here’s what I can do," then to hear every excuse under the sun. Please don’t tell me it’s my fault or your neighbor’s fault or the dog’s fault and above all else please don’t lie to me or call me a liar.


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