I've decided that I really like the idea of themes for days of the week. Still working on deciding what themes and of course I reserve the right, since it *is* my blog, to post whatever topic I want on whatever day :).

So far I'm thinking something like this:
Monday Musings--- I hope this is vague enough that it can include deeper thoughts and more light hearted topics

Wacky Wednesday--- my children are always saying or doing funny cute things and I always mean to record them and I just might try to pick a few every week. Or it might wacky things in the news or me just in a wacky mood and no this is NOT original at all.. I don't remember *whose* blog I saw this idea on but I saw it on somebody else's blog. The particular Wednesday I looked at that blog, the blogger had posted a picture of her child making a funny face. I fell in love with the idea.

Frugal Friday---- I'm just tossing this idea around and again it's not original at all. I learned about it here on my friend's blog. She posted this link to the blog that has the Frugal Fridays. I don't anticipating participating in the Frugal Friday of that blog but rather have my own: "This is what I am doing to be a better steward with the blessings God gave us."

I'm leaning towards a Thankful Tuesday and a "Together Thursday"... together as in "getting it together and getting organized" posts about my binder projects or how we have school organized or whatever project I am working on.

I'm on a roll and thinking Sonlight Saturday. Sonlight curriculum is a big part of our school so I'd name the theme after Sonlight but it would be theme for school related topics. I just like Sonlight Saturday better than School Saturday.

I may abandon the idea altogether or I might change the themes but for now I'm going to try this and see how it works for me.


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