Today's Thankful List

I don't remember if I was going to do Thankful Thursday or Together Thursday so this will be Thankful Thursday.

First I am thankful for my husband. I am most thankful today for his love. He loves me. I can be so irritating but he still loves me. He can make me feel so treasured and special. Sometimes he calls me during the day just to check and see how my day is going. I am thankful that he thinks of me and that he loves me.

Second, I am thankful for my teenage daughter. I am especially thankful today because she cooks. More and more lately she has been cooking. She knows my pantry better than I do! Today she said, "mom, I'll put dinner together" and tonight, instead of me asking for children to get this or that, I got this or that for her while she put dinner together.

Third and perhaps a little silly, I am thankful for my Cue Cat bar code scanner. I got it free with my Readerware software and Honeybear modified it so that I can use it with any program. It allows me to scan the bar codes for ISBN numbers on our books. This saves me time. Rather than typing all the information such as title, author and publisher, I scan the bar code into Tracker and the ISBN look up feature connects to and downloads the information. This evening while BooBear made dinner, I inputted library books into our reading log (a part of Homeschool Tracker, the software I use for our school record keeping). So I'm thankful for this time saving device that happens to be fun to use too!

What are you thankful for today?


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