Revenge of the stinging creatures?

I don't know if it's some strange sense of cosmic irony or just a mere coincidence but yesterday a wasp decided that my BooBooBear was the enemy. Boo was happily playing "Waterballoon Toss" with her friends and sisters when she felt something in her skirt.

She wasn't even sure at first if it was a bee sting or just an insect bite of some kind but looking at it we determined it really was a sting. We weren't sure *what* stung her though but our wonderful friend Kim grabbed some baking soda and made a paste.

But here is the amazing thing: It was *still* in her skirt! We didn't know it was there. She stood up and it fell out of her skirt. I think it is a miracle that it didn't sting her again! And she said it didn't hurt that bad. It was a very mild reaction.

Ok.. can I be done now with stinging things? In my van? Up my daughter's skirt? I thought they were supposed to pollinate flowers?


  1. That was a freakish thing. Boo is very brave! I'm glad it turned out all right. :)
    Janice Sophia


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