TOS Review Crew

I am so excited! I get to be a part of The Old Schoolhouse Homechool Crew for the 2010-2011 year. As part of the Crew, I will have the opportunity to review different products. The current year is winding down and the new year will begin in July. I don't know what this year will bring, but I believe God's hand is all over this opportunity.

TOS solicited applications earlier in the spring. Although my dear friend Debra encouraged me to apply, I just did not have peace at that time. I really struggled with whether or not I should apply, but life was so overwhelming and I choose not to apply. Fast forward several weeks to early last week and I was praying about our home school. I even thought "it's too bad I didn't apply to the Crew".

Meanwhile, I also felt the "it's time" pull to return to my blog and start blogging again. Coincidence? I thought so at first, but then my friend Debra posted (with permission) a request from TOS for bloggers with flexible schedules and children in grades 7-12. Debra strongly encouraged me to contact Heidi at TOS. So I did . I gave Heidi my name, told her about the children, gave her my blog link and supplied her with some samples of reviews I'd written elsewhere. It was thrilling to receive the email this morning with the The Old Schoolhouse graphics welcoming me to the Homeschool Crew.

The girls are excited. BooBear said it she likes the idea of not being exactly sure of where we're going in terms of curriculum. I like that it is a tangible journey of trusting the Lord and His provisions for my family.


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