What a week!!

It has been a long and busy week. Since Sunday is the first day of the week, I'll include Sunday's activities in my list. The weekly schedule included a special vespers with kneeling prayers following Divine Liturgy, Altar Feast for Spirit Monday followed by a luncheon, Bible Study, Physical Therapy for Supergirl, seeing a friend perform in a school play, playing piano for the local nursing home and our weekly piano lessons. Are you tired just reading that? And that doesn't include home school lessons, housework and meals!!

But God knows just what I need and just when I need it. Just as I begin to think I don't have it in me I see this:

This is the new Byzantine Cross we hung above our bed this week. The top bar is where the title "King of the Jews" would have been. The diagonal bar at the bottom is the foot board. This is the board the crucified person would have used to push himself up to relieve the pressure.

When I look at the cross, I am reminded of a love so strong and so deep that it is incomprehensible. I reminded of the price paid to redeem me. Each time I walk into my bedroom I see this beautiful reminder of my faith and I know that when I seek Him, he gives me strength. I smile when I see the cross because I have this joy, peace, and contentment that sustains me even in the midst of the busyness of this week.

God also knew that I'd had enough. Unexpectedly we'll be taking a day off tomorrow. Piano lessons were canceled this morning and my honeybear got a call from his boss to enjoy an extra long weekend. The timing is perfect. Thank you Lord for Your perfect timing.


  1. What a blessing the additional day off is!
    And it sounds like busy, but good busy.
    Also, that the bottom board is tilted that way because of the righteousness of the thief on the cross who was crucified with our Lord. It's beautiful!


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