Blog Walking through the Crew Week 1


Last week the The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew began to gather in a special forum to get to know one another. Someone had a great idea for getting to know the blogs of the crew members. Some call it a Blog walk; Some call it a blog crawl. In either case it is taking the time to read and explore a couple of blogs a day. The goal is to explore all the Crew blogs by the end of the crew year. I'm excited at this opportunity to get to know some fellow crew mates and read a wide variety of blogs. I'll be posting weekly the blogs I explore (with links) so you can have a chance to meet them as well.

Here are the blogs I visited this week:
1. Alane at Reaping a Harvest—Alane is an e-maginary friend I “met” years ago on a yahoo group for homeschooling.  Check out her tab on Why Homeschool.

2. Lexi at Pink & Orange Coffee—I enjoyed Lexi’s humor and her blog is very organized. She has a tab just for homeschool reviews.

3. Alina at Live, Laugh, Learn!—I admire Alina.  She homeschools her oldest who is also attends school.  I liked her perspective.

4. Mrs. Mandy at Mrs. Mandy's Musings—She has some adorable pictures on her blog and she uses my favorite program Homeschool Tracker

5. Wonder Mom at  The Fantastic Five – This is another very organized blog.  She has some  great photos of the crafts they’ve done.

6. amber at  Refined Metals Academy – Amber is a homeschool parent who was herself a homeschool student.  Reading her blog reminded me of when my girls were little.

7. Amy at Just A Moment in Time – She has a cooking/recipes category with a really yummy looking cake recipe that I think I’ll have to try.

8. Angela at My Journey – She has some great info different curriculum.

9. Pebblekeeper At Petra School – She has a tab set up just for TOS Crew reviews so when we get started you’ll want to check it out.


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