A Blog Walking Tour week 2

Blog Walk

I took another walking tour through some more of the TOS Review Crew blogs this week.  It took me a little longer this week since the sun actually came out and I spent less time on the computer and more time outside.  Special thanks to Debbie at Debbie’s Digest for the above image.  I’m enjoying getting to know some new blogs.  Here are the ones I visited this week.

1. Chubbycheeks at Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning – I liked how she had book images along the sidebar.  Seeing the books reminded me of when my girls were little.  Such fun books!

2. Amanda at Surviving The Testosterone – Amanda is the mom of 3 boys.  I enjoyed her sense of humor and laughed out loud when reading her posts.

3.  At Family Style School, I found a really neat idea for a snack basket!

4. Amy will be sharing her reviews at School Around The Bible

5. While reading Andria’s blog: 1628 The Story of The Goebels 5,  I found a really interesting recipe for a layered casserole.  I think I’m going to have check back for more recipes.  She also shared about making yogurt.  I’ve not tried making yogurt but Andria may tempt me!

6. April is a fellow Sonlighter. I smiled as I read a post listing some of her family’s favorite read alouds. If you are able to take a vacation this year you’ll want to check out the post on staycation at Homeschool Musings

7. I really enjoyed April’s Word Filled Wednesdays posts at Homeschooling (and then some!).  She has chosen some wonderful images and verses for those posts.

8. You do NOT want to be eating or drinking when reading April’s posts at Heartfelt Homeschooling.  That is unless you enjoy spewing on your monitor.  Though she has some serious topics on her blog (such as plagerism) I was thankful I was not eating or drinking when reading about the kitten named Lily.

9. We have quite a few ladies named April on the crew this year.  And quite a few using Sonlight as well.  Apryl @ following Him home has been blogging about Core 5 which is my favorite Sonlight Core.

Next week I’ll take another Blogwalking Tour through the Crew!



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