Disney-Pixar—a dream come true


Heidi at Reviews & Reflections asked two Disney questions this week in her Disney Meme.

1) What is your favorite Disney Pixar Film? um, whatever is the most current?  Really, we have loved all of them and I have no doubt we will also enjoy Toy Story 3.  Each time a Disney-Pixar movie is released (or at least by the time we own it on DVD) it has become our family favorite…at least until the next one arrives.

2)Have you had opportunity to meet any of your favorite Disney-Pixar characters at a Disney park? Yes!  In November 2008 Super Girl was granted her wish through Make-A-Wish.  She wanted to go to Disney World so that she could meet Buzz Lightyear.  Make-A-Wish made all the arrangements for us to go to Disney World but we were on our own for meeting characters.  (We had a “magic wand” that did facilitate easier meeting)  We did not have a clue about how to go about finding Buzz.   We knew we wanted to have lunch at Pizza Planet (not nearly as cool as in the movie but fun to say we did it) and we wanted to ride the special Buzz Lightyear ride.

As we exited from the ride we saw the entrance to Andy’s Room.  We could see Buzz and Woody through the window.  The line for meeting them takes you through Andy’s room and at the end you meet Woody and Buzz and exit.  Don’t ask me what Andy’s room is like.  I don’t know.  It looked interesting but the magic wand has a powerful effect.   I approached the Disney Cast member standing guard at the back door and asked for information on how we get to meet Buzz.  Supergirl was in her courtesy wheelchair and that chair made the normal front entrance a bit difficult.   The cast member spotted the magic wand (it’s lanyard with a Make A Wish button and Guest Assistance Pass with Make A Wish stamped on it.  A small crowd had begun to gather as excitement built in the air. Something special was about to happen.

One cast member spoke to another cast member who went in through the out door.   The current family finished their visit with Buzz and exited not quite aware of what was about to happen.  The next person in the line was told to wait.  I think they felt the excitement, too.  

Buzz came out the out door and escorted us inside.  The room was decorated as Andy’s Bed: the floor design a replica of Andy’s bedspread.  Supergirl got to meet her hero.  She loves Woody and he was there too.   They told Buzz that he was her wish and he made it all worthwhile.    We got to spend a little extra time with Buzz and Woody getting hugs and pictures.



  1. What an awesome memory and picture!

  2. Hi Tess! Thanks so much for playing along with Heidi and me!
    We love sharing DD. Your memory and picture are so amazing. It thrills our family when we read or hear of such magical memories! WOW!

  3. This is so awesome, I was so happy just reading about your daughters special day. We have made one trip to WDW and one to Disneyland and both were very special and awesome.

  4. Tess, thanks so much for playing along this week! I just loved reading this post. Seeing the picture at the end literally brought tears to my eyes - you can just see your daughter's excitement at finally meeting her hero. LOVE IT! I also love the way Disney caters to those with special needs - wonderful! That picture is a special keepsake in your home, I am sure!

  5. What a great memory and great photo! I am so glad your daughter got to spend some time with Woody and Buzz. When my own older son was 3 we also got to meet Buzz. It was the highlight of his trip to Disney!

  6. How awesome. We want to get to Disney World someday. Wishing and hoping.

    Lori - TOS crew

  7. I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face! What a wonderful experience and the joy on your sweet girl's face is evident!


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