Perfect Weekend Weather!

So just a few days ago I posted about wondering where summer was. Tonight I am relaxing with my honeybear after enjoying a wonderful weekend with perfect summer weather. I really do love the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest. My perfect summer day is not too hot and has lots of sun. Yesterday it was mid 70's. It was 75 degrees when we drove past the bank yesterday around dinner time. This afternoon on our way home from church the same bank said it was 71 degrees. This afternoon the clouds have rolled back in and the temperature has cooled off again but at least I had two days of summer!


  1. Hi! I'm a new crew member - Love your blog! I'm a fellow Pacific North Wester who had to mow her lawn yesterday because the sun came out. . . Glad to do it though! We are in Lincoln City. Not much sun this spring for sure!

  2. Summer has hit us head on....yesterday the heat index was 99! I was wondering what happened to spring!

    I'm a new crew member as well. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  3. rub it in some has been in the 90's with storms every night. lovely.

  4. I am paying for the beautiful weekend. It is cold, cloudy and rainy again. 90 degrees is too warm for me too bad you can't give me some of your heat and I give you some of my cold! (high's are in the low 60's today)

  5. Welcome to the Crew! Today, we're enjoying humid temps in the mid-80's. I love the heat - the humidity? not so much.

    Love your blog - and I'm following now!!!

    God bless you,
    Lisa C. from the Crew


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