This Weeks Meals (June 1st)

I did several blog posts about rotating meal plans and how to create a rotating meal plan. Our needs have changed and I'm in the process of working out some new rotating meal plans. I have found that have menus planned out saves time and money. To hold myself accountable I'll be posting menu plans so that I can create some different rotating meal plans based on the Orthodox Calendar. I'm hoping to have "fasting" and "non-fasting" season meal plans.

This week's plan:
Tuesday: Vegetarian Minestrone Soup with French Bread
Wednesday: "Sloppy Joes" with potato chips (made with dehydrated TVP)
Thursday: Stir Fry-- lots of veggies... I think I'll through in some extra firm tofu
Friday: NEW RECIPE we'll be trying Tomato Curry Lentil Stew from
Saturday: If the sun shines we'll try grilling some tilapia otherwise I'll bake it with some chives, diced tomatoes and Johnny's Seasoned Salt. I'll most likely serve steamed veggies and some rice with the fish.


  1. Mommy tried a lentil soup recently that had quite a few spices, but wasn't spicy... it was good! I'm not sure if it was from allrecipes or taste of home. Let us know how the Tomato-Curry Lentil Stew turns out! :) ~Carrie


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