Too much church?

The other day my children and I were driving along and discussing our weekend plans. My oldest and I had plans to do some jam canning with a friend from church. From the back of the van I hear “oh man… I was just about to ask what kind of service is a canning service.”

It made me laugh out loud and remark out loud “you know you’ve been going to church a lot when your daughter wants to know what kind of service a canning service is”

Recently we became Orthodox Christians. It’s been quite a journey as we experienced all kinds of different services: hours, royal hours, vespers, divine liturgy, vesperal divine liturgy, matins, festal matins, pre-sanctified liturgies, bridgegroom matins, agape vespers and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some.

Sometimes the services are quite long; always they are quite beautiful. I’m grateful that my daughter enjoys the Orthodox services and takes all the services in stride. Canning service? Sure why not. Maybe it’s a service to bless the jam.


  1. Bwhahahahahaha, I love it!

    I had so much fun, thanks for canning with me!

  2. We had fun, too! Thanks again for showing us the ropes.

  3. That is to funny!

    Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you.

  4. Hysterical!

    I have an award for you on my blog! I am not one for the hassle of awards...I was at first...but you However, this award honors substance and I felt it would be nice to honor blogs I feel truly have substance. I sometimes lack the time to always this is a nice way to show appreciation. So, even if you lack the time or interest in passing it out...just accept it as a token of me noticing your blogging efforts! Glad to have found you through TOS Crew!

  5. Very funny! Since we live almost an hour from our church, my kids are more apt to comment that we don't get enough :).


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