Where is summer?

It's June. At least that is what the calendar says. But looking out my window, I just don't think I believe the calendar. I'm seeing posts and updates on the internet about fun summer activities and I'm wondering if summer will ever reach my corner of the world. I don't mind the rain; really, I've gotten used to it after 9 years. I don't mind the cooler weather. I felt like I was going to melt when we went to Disney World. But I do enjoy sunshine. I do enjoy 73 degree weather with a gentle breeze and lots and lots of sun. I don't remember what the actual temperature was last Saturday, but weather wise it was as close to perfect as can be. I'm just hoping that wasn't our only day of Summer this year.

(So why I am a posting a complaint about the cool rainy weather? Especially since June does tend to be well chilly here.. it's just that usually we have these beautiful warm sunny days in May and we didn't have them. And mostly I need to post this as reminder that I was *wishing* for warmer weather so that my friends can say "be careful what you wish for" when I complain in July of melting when it gets close to 90 degrees... at least I hope I'll find myself complaining about being too hot!!)


  1. I really wouldn't want to summer anywhere but here (and I've been through some hot summers in Northern California), but this year has been much rainier that usual and I'm ready for sun.

  2. Ours is weird this year too. As in, I'm actually turning the window AC on... I don't usually do that.

  3. It's a little cool here in Vermont too. But it is nice. I am not looking forward to the heat!

    Mrs. White (from the Crew)

  4. Stopping by and following from the crew forum. Glad to have found you! Blessings!:)

  5. It's weird here in WC Ohio where it's been very hot for a few days then coolish all over again! I'm like you, give me 70 with a cool breeze~ahhhh! and a nice glass of tea! Good to "meet" you on Crew this year! blessings, cheryl

  6. Hi Tess!

    I can't say much since it's crazy hot here in Alabama, but I DO remember feeling that way during our uncharacteristically frigid winter.. I was SOOOO ready for Summer.
    Hope it gets there soon for you!
    Nice to meet you, BTW!

  7. LOL Close to 90*??? We've been melting already then at 98* on Monday, and over 90 every day this week. It's a little early for us to be this hot though. So not looking forward to July.

    Amy B


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