Boy Did We (He) Work Hard

Just wanted to take a moment to publicly applaud my Honeybear for all the work he accomplished on the Honey DO List this past long holiday weekend.

First he left work early on Thursday so that I could go play with some of my Sonlight friends.   It was a much needed time away laughing with some wonderful homeschool moms. 

Then on Friday morning he started clearing out the garage.  We had been putting things in the garage to take to bulk trash or recycling or even to give away.  Got all the bulk trash items out to the dump on Friday.

On Saturday he loaded up the recycling (big boxes that needed to be broken down. We do recycle bi-weekly for the items that fit in the recycle bin) and took it to the public recycling site.  

On both of those days, we sorted through the give away stuff for donations for our church for the rummage sale.  Some items were really not worth giving away so we threw them and we found MORE items that we could donate!

Sunday we took a break from the garage.   We went to church, we relaxed a bit and then we worked on the yard for a bit.    Over the years we had let the landscaped areas go and they needed work.  We have three areas that we are restoring.   Honeybear had previously tilled the areas to remove the grass and weeds.  We finished prepping the areas and then laid out bark mulch.  It smells great!  We only finished one area.

Sunday night we enjoyed the fireworks display that many of our neighbors provided.   Pretty fireworks and the fresh smell of the bark made a wonderful ending to the day.

Monday it was back to the garage.  Now for some cleaning and organizing.   Honeybear put together some shelves that we’d had for years but hadn’t used.  Now we had more space and less junk.   I organized the pantry part of the garage and now I can see at a glance what needs replacing and what does not need to be purchased.

Here are a few before photos:



And some after pictures:



Doesn’t it look great!  What projects are you working on this summer?  Have you completed any?


  1. Wow, it looks fantastic! Good job!

  2. Oh, yes! It looks great! Nothing is quite as satisfying as organizing what was a mess!
    I am new to the Crew this year and stopping by to say hello!

  3. Hi! I am following you from the TOS Crew. Please follow me back at I look forward to working with you this year! :)

  4. It looks great! I am new to the TOS Crew this year & really enjoying visiting everyones blogs.


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