A Planner Update

Recently, I blogged about the The TOS Planner.   With this post, I want to share an update on how my planner set up is going. 

First let me refresh your memory about the TOS Planner with some excerpts from my previous post.

The TOS Planner is an electronic planner that you can print out or save on your computer.  It is a PDF file that allows you to type in your information *and* save it!   All of the forms that you would need to make your lesson plans and plan out your school year are right there and some forms have different layouts so you  can pick the style that you like best.  Also included are forms for tracking grades, reading logs, memorization items and a form for a high school transcript.”

“The Old Schoolhouse Planner is packed with over 600 pages! Before getting to the the hundreds of pages of useful forms you are given a rich tool to enhance your home school experience.   There are 12, what I think of as enrichment sections each coordinating with a month and loosely tied to a theme. For example in July you’ll find a “Bible Must-Know List” as well as some tips for organizing your home.  I imagine this section as a foundation; firmly grounded in my faith and having an organized home leads to a more satisfying and productive school year.  My favorite part of the monthly sections are the recipes.   I”m always looking for new recipes to  try!” 

“I fell in love with the forms and all the possibilities of what I could do with all those forms.   It’s like planner heaven to be able to customize exactly what pages I want.  Print them out and put them in the exact order that I want them.   I’m not even talking about the home school planning pages!   I’m in love with the pages like website log in.   I am forever forgetting what I put for a password or what password I assigned to my children for online subscriptions for school.   And the medical information sheet is perfect for filling out and having on hand to include with consent forms for youth camps and activities.”

In my previous Planner Post, I mentioned that I was setting up a mini-planner for myself.   I decided not to do the comb binding but instead found a three-prong folder to use.  This way I can set up a few months at a time.  I will be able to add and delete much more easily.

Here are some pics of my customized datebook created from TOS Planner pages and three-prong folder:




I will be making more mini-planners over time and I’ll be working with 3 of my daughters to create customized planners using the new TOS Student Planners that will be released this month.

To see a sample of the TOS Planner click here.  Ready to purchase your own copy and join me in planner heaven?  Click here

(By posting again about the wonderful TOS Planner, I will be entering a drawing for a $25 gift card)


  1. I've joined you in planner heaven :) What size are those custom planners you've got in the photos? Are they regular size? Just wondering :)
    Love the photos :)

  2. Thanks, Blossom! Yes, they are just standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper.


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