The “Perfect” Day

Let me start off by saying that the day was not really perfect.  We planned to get some school done but I’m pretty sure no formal academics were achieved.   We’d planned to go to the post office to mail a package to a dear friend, but honeybear left the card with the address in the kitchen and the girls couldn’t read daddy’s writing when we called.   We’d talked about going to the park to feed the ducks again but time slipped away from us and we didn’t make it.

So what made it the perfect day?   Well it was a lazy day of relaxation that I desperately needed.   It was a relationship building kind of day that my honeybear and I needed.   We had noticed that we were being grumpy and grouchy and that we’d really not had a date in ages and with the girls so much older now we’d been having them fairly often.  We had looked at our schedules and decided that we needed a date.   We set a date and told the girls but we hadn’t made concrete plans.  But the date we set was not for the perfect day; it was scheduled for two days later.  

We slept in really late in the morning and had coffee in bed.   I made the comment that I couldn’t remember the last time we’d had coffee in bed.  He commented that he wasn’t sure we’d ever had coffee in bed.  I don’t think we left our room until after 10am!   We sat in bed drinking coffee, laughing, talking and relaxing!  The girls would come in and out to check on us (thanks BooBear for bringing the coffee!) and I could see from their expressions that they were happy that mom and dad were spending some time together.

While we lounged around with our coffee the girls, especially my 15 year old, were busy getting waffles and Morning Star sausage patties ready for brunch.    I came out to the kitchen smelling waffles.  What a wonderful way to start the late day!

We briefly decided that because we’d taken the morning off, we should probably do some school in the afternoon.   But it was afternoon and it was just so pleasant to just relax.

The girls did fold several loads of laundry while Daddy read a few chapters from a read aloud and I played on the computer and talked to a friend on the phone.   Then Honeybear and I attempted to do some errands.  It really wasn’t supposed to be a date.  We really had things to do.   We had to  go to the bank and the post office.  We had to get gas and milk and I wanted a coke.   

Off we went to the bank first.  Then it was off to Safeway to get the gas and milk (and coke!).   We opted to go inside first to get the milk and ended up at the deli getting a dinner for two and having a very late lunch date.   It wasn’t the date I had planned but it was still a date.

So we picked up some pizza to bake later for dinner, got a gallon of milk and a 2 liter of coke but realized that we did not have the address for the package we needed to mail. 

As lunch had been rather late, dinner was on the late side as well but I think the whole family enjoyed the old Muppets movie with their pizza. 

Normally, I would fret and worry and be stressed out about “not having gotten anything done.” and I’d have been complaining bitterly about “wasting the day”  but I find I  just can’t help thinking that coffee in bed was very much worth not getting anything done.  Sometimes stopping to smell the roses (or coffee) isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.


  1. This sounds perfect, not a waste of a day at all. These are the moments that glue our lives together.

  2. Those days are few and far between. Be thankful for the Lord's provision of them. I struggle with the feeling of "wasting my days" but those days our needed for building a strong foundation.

  3. Oh I remember when "The Patriarch" & I would wake up early every morning and have a quiet cup of coffee together. It was a special time for both of us. One I really missed when I was working 2nd shift and he days. We hardly saw each other!

    Now I don't drink coffee, but tea and the "whole family" gets up and has breakfast together. These changes are ones I wouldn't trade for anything and are precious times together.

    Hmmm, we do send emails to each other across the room though... LOL

    Enjoy your relaxing day of "smelling the coffee" and here's to many more!!

    ~Mrs. R

  4. I thought I commented already... it sure sounds like a fantastic day. :)

    And ha-ha-ha, you have been tagged.


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