This week’s meals

I went radio silent again.   I’m breaking the silence of my blog with a short and simple list of what I’m planning for meals this week.

Tonight (Sunday)—Burger Dips (a fancy way to do burgers) with some chips and fresh fruit.. maybe a salad if I get ambitious.

Monday--- Turkey Soup.  I’ve got turkey broth cooling right now and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to recreate my dad’s turkey soup.  My dad made the absolute best soup.  

Tuesday--- I’m making a ham and potato cheesy casserole type something or another.   I’ll take some frozen diced hash brown potatoes and mix them with bite size pieces of ham and cover it all with a creamy cheesy sauce.   I’ll serve it with a salad and some veggies.

Wednesday--- “Sloppy Joes”   I’m planning to rehydrate some TVP and mix it with a can of Manwich sauce.  Wednesday is Piano day and we get home very late in the day and I need something quick and easy.   I’m thinking of serving it with some veggie sticks and some chips.

Thursday--- Something Mexican.  Haven’t exactly decided yet but I’m leaning toward Chicken Tacos.   We’ll have some Mexi-Rice and Corn with them.

Friday—I haven’t really planned out Friday because we’ll be participating in our Church’s “Feed the Hungry” program.   In the past we’ve been told to “eat.  You need to eat too so get a plate and eat.”  There are some people you just have to obey.  It’s easier than arguing.  

Saturday—I’m thinking pizza!

I reserve the right to change, delete, rearrange or substitute as needed!

What are you planning this week?


  1. I giggled at "there are some people you have to obey" - giggle.

    Great sounding menu, having it planned out is so wonderful.

  2. Good idea for a blog. I'll have to post our menu sometime.

    Can you share about Burger Dips? Sounds like fun, even if I have no clue what they are.

  3. I second the request for info about Burger Dips! :)

  4. Cristi and Megan I decided to blog about Burger Dips. Here's the link:


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