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For this week’s Blog Cruise topic Jodi asks What are some volunteer opportunities that your family has participated in? What a timely topic for me this week as we just had a volunteer opportunity for our whole family on Friday and today (Sunday) two of my girls have volunteered to help at church this afternoon and just last week we were scheduled for a third volunteer opportunity. 

As homeschoolers, I think we often have more time and opportunity to give back to our community through volunteering, but  life is full of seasons and some seasons do not allow for as much volunteering as others.  With the girls being older and more independent we can volunteer more.   When they were so little, it just wasn’t the right season.  If you only have little ones, it may not be your season right now either and that’s ok.  

This past Friday our whole family participated in Fifth Friday Feed the Hungry.   On Fridays, another church hosts a dinner.  I think several churches take turns for the different Fridays.  Our church provides the meal and does the serving on the Fifth Friday. 

Our church asks for volunteers to help with cooking/cleaning up, transporting the food, serving the food, and more clean up.   We’ve not been able to help every time the 5th Friday comes around but it has been a wonderful experience for my family.  The girls and I go over to help the lady who does the cooking and later my husband comes to help transport.   We all take turns helping to serve.  Even supergirl likes to help though she’s not tall enough yet to reach!

Our other regular volunteer opportunity requires a piano and a nursing home or rather a nursing home that has a piano.   Some of our home school friends introduced us to playing piano for residents in a local nursing home. Once a month the girls and I head over to a local nursing home and my three piano playing daughters take turns playing music for the residents. Some times other families are able to join us and the children will sing a few simple songs at the end.

As I type this post, my husband has left to take BooBear and Turtlegirl over to church.  The girls have volunteered to help out with tonight’s Family Fun Night.

I’d like to give back more to the community.  I’ll be looking for more regular opportunities for my family or even for myself to volunteer.  We’ll continue also to respond to the call for the occasional volunteer for this or that.   For us, volunteering is a way that we demonstrate the love of God and the light of Christ.




  1. I need to do more, myself. Thank you for these words that remind me.

  2. Great point! We DO show the world God's love when we volunteer and that is a great motivation! :)

  3. I love the piano idea - a great way to motivate practice... :)


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