Gratitude Challenge Day 11

2010-Gratitude-Challenge-Button I sit staring at the computer screen and I wonder what to write.  It’s day 11 of the Gratitude Challenge hosted by my friend Brenda at Garden of Learning.

Should I write about my oldest daughter and how thankful I am for the young woman she is becoming?  Should I write about my second oldest daughter and how much we appreciate life because of her?

Perhaps I should write about my only dark haired daughter?  I could write about how thankful I am that she comes to me when she needs to talk.

Then there’s my youngest daughter.  No one can make me laugh the way she does.   How can I not be grateful for laughter?

I could write about my husband.   I don’t always appreciate him though, the way I should.  I often take him for granted and expect so much of him, but he loves me anyway.  I give thanks that he loves me enough to put up with me.

It’s getting late and I still haven’t decided what to blog about.  Maybe I should blog about the sunshine we’ve had this week.  It’s unusual to have so much sun in the month of November.

I’m tired.  It’s late and I want to go to sleep.  I know what I’ll write about!  I’ll express my thanksgiving for my comfortable bed.   I love my bed.  It’s a pillowtop mattress neither too hard, nor  too soft.   


  1. I agree with all of the above, you have a wonderful family, and a blessing to know.

    Having said that, a pillow top mattress is also high on my gratitude list ;)


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