Gratitude Challenge Day 2


Today I am thankful for God’s provision through the TOS Review Crew.   I wrote about how I came to be on the crew here.   I was excited then to see how God would work and I am amazed at what he has done and is doing.

Every product that we have received to review, so far, has either been exactly what I needed (at the exact right moment!) for school *or* has been used by God to cause me to grow. 

Today, I received a writing curriculum.   I’ve only spent about 45 minutes looking through it this afternoon but I am so excited.  It seems so perfect for the girls right now.  The timing is incredible.   I’ve looked at this vendor in the past but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase the product (we could not afford it) and here God has given it to me through the Review Crew.  (You can look for the review in May!)

I don’t really have the words to express how loved I feel by God right now.  I believe He works through people and circumstances and He worked it out so that I would receive this product.   It may seem like a small thing but we have really struggled with writing programs and I am grateful and excited to be handed this one.

But the Crew has been an incredible experience in other ways as well.   There are some wonderful people who are a part of this year’s TOS Crew and I am blessed by the friendship.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Isn't it just amazing? I get exactly what I need, for one reason or another, as well. And I need to keep being amazed by that...


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