Gratitude Challenge Day 4


My Friend Brenda is hosting a Gratitude Challenge on her blog, Garden of Learning. It is very simple; post something you are grateful for every day for the month of November.

Today is November 4th.  Well at least for another 2 hours it is.  On this day, 77 years ago, my grandfather took my grandmother to be his lawfully wedded wife.   Both of them have gone from this world, but I am so grateful for them.

I once asked my grandmother how she met my grandfather.  She was a storyteller and I was sure I was going to get a story this time, but she only smiled and said “I don’t know.  I suppose we was just crawling on the floor while our mothers talked.”    She and my grandfather grew up together.  They were childhood sweethearts.

I miss them both so much and I am grateful that they got married 77 years ago.  If they had not married, my father would not have been born.   Thanks Papa for rescuing me from the snakes and making sure that Daddy bought me steak dinners.  Thanks Granny for teaching me how to make applesauce and sausage gravy and telling me stories.  My your memories be eternal.


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