A cool date!

Today’s date is 01/11/11 or 1-11-11 or 1/11/11 or 01-11-11.   I decided I just had to do a blog post today in honor of the date.

In addition to being 1/11/11 today I realized that what a blessing it was to have my mother here for 4 weeks.  I live 2000 miles away from her and I can’t do anything for her from so far away.

I can’t take her shopping or out to lunch.  I can’t go to church with her or take her to Bible Study.  I can’t help her with doctor appointments or take her to get her hair cut.

While she’s been here I’ve been able to do all of those things for her.  We’ve been out to lunch (and dinner LOL).  We’ve gone shopping several times.  We’ve even been to the clinic for blood draws twice.  I’ve taken her to Bible Study and to church.  Today I took her to get her haircut.  Tomorrow, however, I have to take her to the airport.  She has to go home.  I’m going to miss her.  It's been a long time since I spent so much time with my mother.

The girls are playing a last game of Wii Bowling with their grandmother before they head to bed.  There won’t be time in the morning for games.

So today with its special date has been a special day as I realized that I have been able to do things for my mother while she was staying here.

(scheduling this so that it posts at 11:11pm on 1-11-11)


  1. Not only did I post this at 11:11pm on 1-11-11 but it was my 111th post!!

  2. Wow! Look at that!
    It's been a delight and blessing to get to know your mom, I'm so glad you had a good visit.


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