TOS Review: Life of Christ Bible Study


Until the Crew, I had never heard of Positive Action for Christ.  I wasn’t exactly sure what their studies were like and I was very hesitant about a product that seems geared for the classroom.

I did however like what they said on their website:

schoolcurriculumTEMP-1025We received the Life of Christ study by Frank Hamrick  which is a study from the Gospel of John and I am thrilled to say I am loving it.  I received a a beautiful LARGE 3-Ring binder with the teacher materials and a beautiful softcover student book.


THE TEACHER BOOK:  Is a valuable source and is more than just an answer key.  The Foreward gives information on how to teach the course.  It describes the features of the program.  It includes a section on the format and grade level including three charts detailing the different options for teacher.   Lastly, it contains information for a suggested BIble Memorization plan to go with the course.

 Photobucket Just after the Foreward is a Recommended Reading List and then the Lessons begin.  Each lesson in the Teacher Binder includes the completed text of the Student Book.   Rather than just provide an answer key you get the actual (1/2 size) page with the answers. Following the Lessons are tabbed sections for the quizzes (including answers), tests (with answers) and an appendix containing maps and charts. Samples from the teacher book can be downloaded in PDF format.   Click HERE then click on the  High School button on the left hand side.  Click again on the DOWNLOAD tab.  You’ll be able to download a sample lesson of both the Teacher Manual and the Student Book. (I apologize that a direct link is unavailable)

I also received a CD-ROM with PDF files containing “slides” that I could use to make transparencies for a class room.  For my “class” at home, I use it as slide on the computer.

THE STUDENT BOOK:  Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this 8”x10” softcover 277 page book.  The cover and pages have that “ancient” look.  The charts, maps, drawings and illustrations are in full color.  The basic frame of the lesson in student book contains a section of text followed by a section of Student Work.  PhotobucketAfter the student work is a section called “Notes from the Teacher’s Lesson”.  This section is an aid to taking notes during the “lecture time”.  Mostly it is fill in the blank.  The last is called Digging Deeper.  This section has thought provoking assignments and research topics.

USING Life of Christ:  The material can be used for grades 7 to 12 though the tests are targeted for a 10th grade level.  I am using this as a group study for 3 of my girls.  Supergirl is not ready for this though she often hangs out with us.  There are 35 “Chapters” divided unevenly into 7 units.  Positive Action for Christ suggests doing 1 lesson a week.  The options for how to break up the lesson over the week are included in the Forward section of the Teacher Binder.  There are two options for each of the plans and there are plans for 3 days of class, 4 days of class and 5 days of class.  

PhotobucketWhen I read through the materials I planned on a 3 day a week class.  We would do the student book aloud on day 1, the teacher material on day 2 and the quiz on day 3.     After realizing how rich and full this material is I’ve modified the suggested 5 Day plan.  However, we only meet 2 to 3 times a week because of our busy schedule so we are doing 1 lesson over 5 to 6 class days over a two week period.

Here’s an outline of a lesson for my family:

Day 1  I read aloud the text from the student book and select certain questions from the student work section to discuss “in class”.

Day 2:  If we did NOT finish the discussion of the student material we finish our discussion and then before the next class time my 10th grader completes the student work in the student book.

Day 3   Begin the Teacher material

Day 4  Finish the Teacher material

Day 5 In theory the 10th grader and the 8th grader take the quiz while the 6th grader uses the quiz as an open book review worksheet. We have also used the quiz as the source for more discussion working through the questions orally as a group.


  • We can easily adapt this for a group setting in the home.  Perhaps because it is intended for the classroom it really lends itself well to being done as a group.
  • I love love love the discussions that are happening in my home because of the material presented.
  • Teachers are encouraged to add additional material (it even includes suggested reading material that you can add)
  • I appreciate that multiple view points are presented without disparaging remarks.  For example, in one lesson the Teacher Lesson discusses the possible days for the actual day of Christ’s crucifixion.  Pros and Cons are listed for each date with the author then sharing which date he believes is correct.  I love that he did not condemn the other view points!

I really don’t have anything that I truly dislike about the program.  I do have to modify things to better fit my beliefs (Orthodox Christian) but that is not the fault of the program at all.  I would recommend this program to *any* Christian who would like an in-depth study of the Life of Christ based on the Gospel of John, but I will offer this caution: you may have to supplement with materials from your faith or denomination.

The Teacher BInder retails for $41.95 and the student manual for $17.95.  For other products related to the Life of Christ study click here.  Then click on the School Curriculum button.  You can click on the High School Button and then on the Life of Christ Study.   There will be a tab that says “order”.  (Again I apologize but direct links expire after a short length of  time.)

Positive Action For Christ has Bible Study Curriculum for grades K-12.  Some other titles for high school level include: The Inner Man and In Their Sandals.  

Click on the Banner below to see what my fellow crew mates have to say about the Life of Christ Study.


Disclaimer: As a TOS Crew member, I received this product free of charge to review. This review is my honest opinion with, hopefully, enough detail as to why I liked or did not like a product so that my readers can make an informed decision. I received no compensation.

Positive Action for Christ provided a Deluxe Student Manual and a Teacher Manual of the Life of Christ from the Gospel of John Study for review purposes.


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