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We are a book loving, literature based home schooling family and as such we do a lot of individual reading and reading aloud. Because we love to read, I was excited  that  as part of the TOS Crew I received several samples of See-N-Read tools.

CeadenSmith Enterprises included a book size (5 1/2” x 3”) and document size (8 1/2” x 3”) of the See-N-Read Reading Tool, a book size Memory Mark and a 45 day subscription to the eSee-N-Read software.

See-N-Read tools are great for all ages.   The website states that it is research based and tested for users in grade 2 through adult.  Click here to read about the research and click here to read the story of See-N-Read tools.

The See-N-Read and Memory Mark are $2.99 each for the book size and $3.49 each for document size.  The eSeen-Read for the computer is $29.99.  For more pricing info including combination packages and discounts for purchasing multiples you’ll want to start here.

See-N-Read Reading Tool:

document size see n read

We all used the See-N-Read Reading Tool including my mother who has been visiting.   For those of us who are strong independent readers (that would be all of us except Supergirl), the Reading Tool is more of a hindrance because we read faster than our fingers can keep up with moving the Reading Tool.  However, I *love* using the See-N-Read Reading Tool for reading aloud.

book size see n read

When reading aloud, we read slower than when we read silently.  When I am reading aloud, I often pause for discussion or to answer a question and I lose my place.   It’s not unheard of for me to lose my place when I haven’t been interrupted.   In the past I’ve used a regular bookmark turned on its side to help me stay on the correct line.   Now I use the Reading Tool. 

I prefer the Reading Tool over the bookmark:

  • The bookmark often has designs that can be distracting
  • The Reading Tool is larger than a bookmark and the line that I am supposed to read really “pops out” at me.
  • The Reading Tool can be used as a bookmark. 
  • The Reading Tool is sturdier than paper based bookmarks
  • The Reading Tool reduces my eye strain

All the strong independent readers of my family took turns using the Reading Tool for reading aloud and agreed that for us it works better as a Read Aloud tool.

Supergirl See N Read

I love the Reading Tool for working with Supergirl.   She is a beginning reader.  She needs the words and/or sentences highlighted in some way so that she does not lose her place or get distracted.   The Reading Tool is perfect for that.  One phonics instruction book suggested cutting a rectangle out of an index card.  I immediately thought of the Reading Tool and we’ve used that instead of an index card.   I prefer the Reading Tool because it reduces the glare from white paper.   It’s easier on the eyes. 

The Memory Mark Reading Tool is just like the See-N-Read tool except that instead of clear window, the Memory Mark has an open window that allows you to make notes, underline or highlight text that you are reading.

In addition to some obvious uses like highlighting Bible Verses or underlining key words in a textbook, the Memory Mark can help with adding columns of numbers or working out large multiplication and division problems when you need to make sure each number is in the correct place value column.

 image But what about the computer?  We live in a modern world ever moving towards dependency on technology.  Well See-N-Read Reading Tools have a Reading Tool that works like a Memory Mark for the computer: eSee-N-Read

I strongly dislike reading PDF’s and other e-books on the computer.  The eSee-N-Read tool makes such an unpleasant task bearable.   I still prefer to read a “dead tree” book but it doesn’t drive me quite as crazy to read an e-book while using the eSee-N-Read..

 My preferred way to use the eSee-N-Read tool though is working with spreadsheets or grid format database such as I use for keeping track of home school records.  I get very frustrated when I have a very wide spread sheet and I lose my place and can’t tell which line I am checking.  eSee-N-Read makes it easier to make sure that I input the correct grade in the correct the line.

Some of the features of the eSee-N-Read tool include:

  • the ability to change the overall size of the Reading Tool. 
  • The ability to change the size of the open window.  Is the text too large? Make the opening larger!
  • You can customize the eSee-N-Read
  • You can make it go vertical to work on columns instead of just rows

Be sure and  click on the banner below to read what my fellow crewmates have to say about See-N-Read Reading Tools.


 Disclaimer: As a TOS Crew member, I received this product free of charge to review. This review is my honest opinion with, hopefully, enough detail as to why I liked or did not like a product so that my readers can make an informed decision. I received no compensation.

CeadenSmith Enterprises provided me with See-N-Read Reading tool, Memory Mark and a 45 day subscription to eSee-N-Read for review.


  1. What a great thing! I have a nephew who is dyslexic and when he was first beginning to read I would make homemade little papers like this to make it easier for him to concentrate. I can see these being very popular for beginning readers and children who have learning struggles with reading.


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