An expected but unexpected blessing!

Last week a new vendor list posted and I was thrilled to see my name on the list.  So I was expecting a package…. just not today.

But getting the package early wasn’t really the unexpected blessing.  Seeing Supergirl’s face when she realized that the package was for HER.  That was the unexpected blessing.  I wish I had taken a picture or had a recording device for her voice. 

She wants so much to be like her sisters and so much of what they do for school is well beyond her level of learning.  What a thrill to have a review crew product arrive that was just for her! 

Thank you, Daddy for buying this for me” she politely stated.  Her face registered surprise when he replied with “I didn’t buy it for you.”

She turned to me and asked “You bought it?”.  “Nope.”  I explained that it was a crew product that we need to review and that her job was to use the product so that I could write about it on my blog.  Her face beamed with pride.  This means she is very important.  It’s her *job* to learn Latin.   She must be mama’s helper.

Just now TailorBear picked up the student book.  “Hey, that’s MINE!” a little voice shrieks.   I intervene with a “I think your sisters will enjoy listening to the CD with you, but you get to do the workbook.”.  They walk away and I hear Supergirl ask her sister “Do you like it?”

Now, I just have to convince her to wait a day or so to start so that I can look through the teacher book!


  1. I can't believe you got yours before me!!! LOL!

    I am very, very excited for you. And Supergirl. :)

  2. Exciting!! Looking forward to getting ours, too!

  3. We haven't received ours yet, but getting pretty excited to get it!


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