One of my favorite poems

I love poetry.  I think I was in the 4th grade  (or maybe it was the 5th)when I began to love poetry.  I had a teacher who required us to write a poem.  She worked with us and helped us to polish our little poems.  My poem was published!  I actually got paid $5 from one newspaper and $5 from another newspaper and it was part of the district wide poetry book.  My grandmother even got it published in her town paper.

That summer my grandmother gave me a spiral bound notebook and told me to write.  Her advice was to write daily.   Somewhere, buried under this and that, I think I still have that notebook.  What silly little things I wrote but oh the memories of showing my work to Grandma.

In 9th grade, I had a teacher who loved literature and she taught me how to love literature.  She introduced me to Shakespeare and Dickens and the poetry of Robert Frost.   I would *never* have admitted to *any* of my classmates just how much I loved that class.

I really want to share Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” but I can’t get it to format correctly.  Turtlegirl and I have been discussing this poem and why it is my favorite as part of her 9th grade LA class.

Since I can’t seem to get the whole poem to work, I’ll share my favorite line.  It’s the ending line:

And that has made all the difference.

I pointed out that for me “all the difference” in the path I chose means that I have BooBear,  Supergirl, Turtlegirl and TailorBear.  Had I chosen a different path I would not have them.  It has made all the difference to me!


  1. Indeed! That has made all the difference.
    I once read a cute argument that it was about Santa Claus. :)
    I love that poem too.


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