A Status Update kind of Post

A few days (maybe a week or so ago) I came across a blog post that was like a collection of Facebook Style Statuses.  Inspired by that blog, I present this collection of unrelated thoughts of “What’s on your mind”  (If you don’t have Facebook, there is a box for you type in your status update.  It says “What’s on your mind”)

*** Payday for the first payday of the month is a wonderful thing.  Payday for the second check of the month is a stressful event.  Thankful that this week is payday of the wonderful kind.  Now to budget it so that the end of the month is not so stressful!

****Developmental milestones for Supergirl are a mixed blessing.  Today I caught her standing on a regular chair at the computer desk hunting for CD-ROM on the top of the hutch part of the desk.  Two thoughts ran through my head:  Intertwined with “Wow!  She’s no longer afraid to climb things what a huge leap in development” was “Oh no!  Nothing is safe anymore.  Nothing will be out of her reach”.  Really, it was  thrilling to see her becoming independent enough and strong enough and clever enough to be able to climb up on the chair and STAND but it was also a horrible thing to realize that I can no longer put things up on top of that hutch. 

****Just because the menu plan said “soup” doesn’t mean I have to follow it.  I know that should be “duh” kind of thing but I was so hung up on Soup on Wednesday that I was in a panic when I had no fresh bread to serve with it.  Then the lightbulb switched on and I went “Um, why don’t we switch things around have soup on Friday when Tailorbear can make more bread.

*****For the sake of my sanity, it really is better if I leave the kitchen when the girls are cooking.  They need to learn and I hover way too much.   Tailorbear made a batch of bread earlier this week and it turned out fine.  She didn’t burn the kitchen down and she didn’t really need me.

******CD player in the Van is a wonderful luxury.  It is so wonderful to be able to listen to audio books on CD from the library as we go to and from piano lessons.  Last week we finished up Cheaper by the Dozen and today we started Caddie Woodlawn.

Time to  go make dinner (NOT soup LOL).   What’s been on your mind?


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