The Things Children Say

When I started this blog, I wanted it be a way for me to pass things to my children. Things like recipes or memories or stories to share. One of the things I want to remember and pass on are those misstatements and funny word mix-ups.

So here is a short collection of things as I remember them.  A couple are more recent, a few are several years old.

1).  Rootbeard---- Mommy, can we have more rootbeard to drink please.

2) Deheaded--- Mommy, Marie Antoinette was deheaded. 

3) Insociable--- [to her sister] stop being so Insociable and come on out here.

4) Concubine--- [in describing characters from the Disney Movie Cars] And then there is Frank, he’s a concubine.  (she meant combine… and no she had no idea what a concubine is and I didn’t tell her LOL)

5) Electric pencils--- Mommy can you buy more of those electric pencils.  (she meant mechanical pencils)

6) Sprinkles---  when referring to parmesan cheese.  Mommy can I have sprinkles on my spaghetti (which of course is pronounced more like psgetti)

I know that I have already forgotten so many of the cute things they said when they were little (and not so little LOL).   What cute or funny or misspoken thing has your child said that still brings a smile to your heart?


  1. Heh. I like #4 the best, but deheaded is a close second :)
    So awesome!


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