Meet me on Monday--- 3/28 edition

Last week a couple of my friends participated in this fun blog hop/meme.   I’ve seen at least one of my blogging friends participate already this morning so today I’ve decided to join in the fun.

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos? Crunchy.  Definitely.  Hands down.  I’m a crunchy taco girl.   My husband prefers soft tacos so we end up with both when I make tacos.  Like tonight.  We’re having tacos tonight  and I have to remember to get the flour tortillas out of the freezer for Honeybear.  But it’s ok that he prefers soft tacos.  It just means more crunchy ones for me <grin>

2.  Do you scrapbook? No, not really.  I’m a scrapbook wannabe failure.  No, I don’t wannabe a failure.  I want to want to scrapbook but I fail.  My daughter kind of sort of scrapbooks.  She’s  a crafty kind of gal.  If she didn’t look like both my husband and I,  I would seriously consider wondering if she was switched at birth.  How can someone so talented come from someone who lacks those skills?  Gotta be a genetic throwback to a previous generation.

3.  Do you take any daily medications? Yes.  But I don’t wanna talk about it.

4.  What is your favorite sound? This is a tough question.  It’s a toss up between the laughter of my children, especially supergirl who didn’t really laugh until she was around 3 years old.  She was pretty non-verbal for years.  Hearing her giggle is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard, though I do enjoy the laughter of all 4 of my girls.  My other favorite sound is the ocean.  There is something very calming and relaxing for me to sit or walk along the beach and hear the waves and smell the salty air.   I loved it when we stayed in a hotel right on the beach.  I could hear the ocean through the window.  It was heavenly!  Ok.. I got it.. favorite sound…. the girls laughing while the ocean waves crash!

5.  Where were you born? The Windy City.  Which according to my geographically confused children is in the state of Michigan.  <shakes head>   No, dear, it is on Lake Michigan… it’s NOT in Michigan.   Guess I better order that Geography elective for school sooner rather than later.


  1. I'm a crunchy taco girl too! Thankfully we all love them crunchy. As much as we love them though, I don't cook them too. It's such a mess with the grease and all. You know it's a special day when I cook up some homemade tacos!

  2. Hi I am a new follower and fellow cruchy girl from Mondays Meet me blog hop. Looking forward to coming back and reading more about you. Hope you come visit me too.


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