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It’s nearly time to head to bed.  We had sunshine today.  Beautiful sun that stayed out ALL day!   We’ll be taking time off from school for two weeks starting on Monday but boy I sure did want to drop all school today and just enjoy the sunshine.

We’ve all been taking turns being sick for the last two to three weeks.  I am quite done with sickness now.  It can leave and not return and I’d be ok with that.

It’s amazing or sad or both how being sick or having sick people in the house can really throw off routines and plans. Though we’ve tried getting some school done we just haven’t been as productive.  Each girl was sick enough to be unable to do anything but sleep for at least a day or two.  That would be fine except that they spaced it out over two weeks  and overlapped the “I’m too sick to really do anything but not sick enough to sleep all the time” phase with each other and with the “I’m not even able to stay awake” phase so that I don’t think I ever really had but one student ever capable of a full school load.

We didn’t just get school thrown off track but meals, house cleaning and even praying!!   Tonight we did what I think of as full family evening prayer.  We aren’t very consistent in our family evening prayers anyway but we are usually pretty good about praying at meals.  We’d let that slip and it felt really really good to actually pray together as a family both before dinner and then before sending the girls to bed.

Honeybear even lit the incense.  I’d almost forgotten how the smell of incense has grown on me.  I went from not sure if I could tolerate it to actually *missing* it when I don’t make it to church. Tonight’s incense was provided by BooBear.  She and Turtlegirl attended a Greek Orthodox Monastery Girls Retreat last summer. They had the opportunity to make incense.

I’m too tired or too lazy or too something or another to post a picture but we’ve finally set up our prayer corner.  The cross and icons have been up for awhile and even the wooden tv tray masquerading as a table has been holding prayer books, censer and incense. It’s just that before it was also holding the lamp, the caller ID and the telephone.  It was more an end table than prayer table.

Tonight it had the first opportunity to be the prayer table and with the new arrangement, HoneyBear was able to actually stand in front of it with the censer.

We said our evening prayers and then we prayed a special prayer for my sister.  She’s having surgery in the morning.  ESWL (shockwave treatment) to break up a kidney stone.  She lives half way across the country from me so there isn’t much I can do for her but I can pray. So I did.  So I will.  If you’ve read this far through my rambling and babbling I’d like to ask you to pray for my sister too.

And I think on that note,  I ought to head to bed.  Good night!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that people are well enough that you can function as a family, at least somewhat. It is SO frustrating when everyone takes turns being sick like that!

  2. What a beautiful blessing in the midst of malaise and illness. Hugs and love to you, prayers for your wonderful family, and for your sweet sister too.
    It's hard to be so far away.


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