Read Aloud Challenge 4/21

icon_christ_bridegroom_medium Have you noticed my blog’s been a little more quiet this week?  That’s because we finished Great Lent and entered into Holy Week.  My primary focus has been the church services of Holy Week.  This Icon is called Christ the Bridegroom and is the icon for the services Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.

I didn’t do a Read Aloud Challenge post last week so I’m stealing some time to sneak one in this week.

It’s been such a full and busy past 10 days or so and I didn’t write down what we read so my memory is fuzzy.  It wasn’t much.   I have a vague recollection of reading from our 50 Great Stories ebook.  Oh and I’m sure we picked up the Great Inventions ebook but towards the end of the week, we  dropped our regular read alouds.


Because this week is Holy Week, we have focused on reading aloud from The Incarnate God .  It is a two volume set.  We are reading from Volume 2. We are reading selections from Lazarus Saturaday, Palm Sunday and then the Holy Days of the week. We are a little behind as today is Holy Thursday but we’re still on Holy Wednesday’s reading.

Christ with Gospel

I may not be doing much reading aloud to my children this week but they are getting lots and lots of Scripture read aloud to them.  During the services, they are hearing many Psalms (during one of the upcoming services they will hear Psalm 119 read aloud!) as well as old testament readings.  They been listening to Epistle readings and Gospel readings as well.  Last night there were 7 Epistle readings and 7 Gospel readings.  Tonight they will hear 12 Gospel readings.

Next week, I’ll ease back into reading aloud picking up the books we’ve set aside and maybe even adding a new book or two to the mix. I’ll try to remember to add images of the covers.

Interested in the Read Aloud Challenge?  Check out this post from Debra @ Footprints in the Butter.  Want to read about this week’s challenge?  Click here.


  1. I love those books and refer back to them often.

  2. I tend to do at least some reading aloud which is related to holidays, seasons, or other things we're learning, too. Today we listened to an Easter drama (linked from the Homeschool Freebie of the Day website).

  3. I'm so excited that you found time in Holy Week to post! So what's my excuse for being a lame friend and taking a week to actually READ your post? I have none...

    Thank you though for pushing me into doing the whole linky thing with this. It has made a world of difference in my attempts to be consistent about my read-alouds -- and knowing I have to blog about it, well, it makes me pay more attention. Thank you... this little group is doing exactly what I needed when I first started simply posting. And that is because of you...


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