Reading Aloud Challenge 4/28

Is it Thursday already?  This week is our Spring Break and relax and recover from Pascha week.  We did do some reading aloud this week because reading aloud is relaxing and enjoyable.  We didn’t finish any of our books this week but we’ve made progress and we’ve started a new one!


This book comes the closest to being a “school” book.  We’re still reading about Robert Fulton.  This is a fascinating book.  In addition to learning more about the inventor, you also learn more about the invention.  The history of the invention.  We’ve been learning where Fulton got his ideas, who financed him and about others whose work inspired or contributed to Fulton’s steam engine. This is one of the books included in the Yesterday’s Classics bundle.  You’ll want to check out my review next week!


Speaking of Yesterday’s Classics, here’s another book that we are enjoying from that Bundle we just started it this week and we’ve only read the first chapter.  The first chapter tells how Robin came to be an outlaw and live in Sherwood forest.  As I read aloud the first chapter, I had to stop so we could discuss how this Robin Hood legend differed from other legends and discuss the history of Richard the Lionheart.


I seem to be on a Yesterday’s Classics kick (these books really are wonderful!  You don’t want to miss the special offer I’ll be including in my review May 4th).  Here’s one more that I am reading aloud.  I am reading aloud The Dutch Twins to Supergirl.  While her three sisters had piano lessons, Supergirl and I sat at Mcdonalds’s.  She ate chicken nuggets and I read aloud this cute book.

We haven’t only been readingAndi's Surprise ebooks from Yesterday’s Classics. We’ve also been reading a few “real” books too!  Andi’s Fair Surprise is part of the Circle C Beginnings.  I intended for Supergirl to read this one to me or rather that she would read the words she could read and I would read the rest but it really is above her reading level so we started over and I am reading it aloud to her.  Two of her sisters have hung out with us even though they’ve already read it and it is “below them”.  It’s sparked some discussion with Tailor Bear.  She asked me some “what if” questions inspired by the book.  So even though I wouldn’t have chosen to read this one as a family read aloud, Supergirl isn’t the only one benefiting from the book.


This book really is a school book.  It is part of Sonlight’s Core 200.  It is meant as literature for the student to read alone, however, I decided to make it a family read aloud.  Everyone is enjoying this book and we’ve made it the priority book this week.  Even Supergirl asks for another chapter of Mrs. Frisby! 

We’ve had an excellent week for reading aloud this week having read something aloud most days.  I really do enjoy grabbing a drink and tall glass of water and spending an hour or so reading to my girls.  I do wish Sonlight included read alouds in the upper level cores, but since they don’t, I’ll just keep picking and choosing a few here and there to use as read alouds.

What have you been reading this week?  Would you like to join in the Reading  Aloud Challenge?  You can join this week’s Reading Challenge at Footprints in the Butter hosted by my friend Debra.


  1. You are doing such a great job with the Yesterday's Classics books. I'm not...

    I want to.

  2. I love your personal read aloud challenge - it is so inspiring.

    I checked out Footprints in the Butter as well - so cool.

    We all need to be more accountable to our kids, your example is a shinging example.

    Read Aloud Dad

  3. Congrats on a great week Tess!! I love the picture...I need to do more of that.


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