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I believe music education is an essential element in a well rounded academic program.  Music is wonderful for organizing the brain. 3 of my girls have been taking piano lessons for several years. We’ve also spent time just listening to different musical styles and genres as well as learning about some famous composers. Supergirl longs to be like her sisters but for a variety of reasons she is unable to take piano lessons with them.  This is where a program like KinderBach comes to the rescue.

KinderBach uses playful characters to teach note reading, rhythm, singing, and composition to kids ages 3-7.  With Kinderbach  you can lay a great foundation for brain development. KinderBach offers both online and DVD classes.

As a TOS Crew member I received a 3 month subscription to the online lessons.  Supergirl has been having a blast watching the lessons and participating in various activities such as coloring, clapping out or walking a rhythm, or using kitchen objects to “play” a song.  KinderBach even includes listening activities!  Supergirl is learing to discern when notes are high or low.

Here are the adorable animal characters that teach children the letter names and locations of the keys.


You can click HERE to meet these piano pals and meet the founder Karri Gregor

Currently there are 6 Levels with 10 weeks in each level.  Level 7 is currently in development with a target date of August 2011.  Each week is divided into 4 Sessions.  You can spread those sessions out over the week or you can watch them all in one session and then spend the rest of the week practicing. You can view the curriculum syllabus by clicking here.

We liked to watch one new session each day. Before starting a new lesson, however, we would review a past session. Supergirl needs time to “digest” new concepts so I scheduled each KinderBach “week” over 6 “sessions”. This gave us the 4 sessions plus two extra for review if we needed it.

I cannot begin to describe how impressed I am with this product.  I skipped ahead to watch lessons we are not ready for and I love how Karri Gregor teaches fundamental skills such as playing an octave scale in a fun way that young children can understand.  I like how she incorporates game like activities to help children learn how to discern patterns in music.  Just as learning to read involves more than just learning the alphabet, learning how to play piano is more than just knowing where the keys are on the piano.  KinderBach incorporates these basic skills so that children have a solid music education and will be successful in playing the piano.

You may have some questions such as “What do I need?” or “Will I receive an activity book?”  Here is the FAQ page which answers these questions and many more! Go to and select a topic. 

In addition to the Online Music Lessons, which are  available in DVD format as well, Kinderbach also offers downloadable PDF coloring books and song books.  The song books come with a CD containing  the songs.

Click here to view the KinderBach at Home options.  A one year online subscription is $95.88  Click here for more info on the online options.  The DVD’s have many package options.  Click here for those options.

You can click HERE to go to the page where you can click to sign up for a two week free trial or click HERE to sign up directly

Click on the banner below to read what my fellow crewmates have to say about KinderBach.


Disclaimer: As a TOS Crew member, I received this product free of charge to review. This review is my honest opinion with, hopefully, enough detail as to why I liked or did not like a product so that my readers can make an informed decision. I received no compensation.


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  2. From NOW until May 31st Kinderbach has authorized the TOS Crew to give a coupon code for a 35% discount! Send me an email (email address is on my blogger profile) and I'll send you the code for 35% off!


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