Memorial Day 2011

Today is Memorial Day.  I know that there are lots of activities, parades, and bbq’s happening today.  Some are celebrating the beginning of summer.  (It sure doesn’t feel like summer here at all), Others are honoring all service members past and present, alive or dead.  Some are just enjoying a day off from work and still others wish to celebrate but don’t have the day off.

For me Memorial Day is about honoring those who have DIED, specifically those who died IN SERVICE (started with Civil War, I believe) and less specifically those who had served at some point and died and then even more globally loved ones who have died. Though I am truly grateful those who are PRESENTLY serving, and those who have served but are STILL ALIVE, today, I focus on remembering those who have died. May their memories be eternal.

army photo

Both of my grandfathers fought in World War II.  My father fought in Korea.  Two of my uncles fought in Vietnam.  None of them died in battle or while still on active duty, all but on of them have since passed away.  It is  Papa, Grandpa Elmo, Daddy and Uncle Vern that I remember today, along with all those fallen heroes who DIED while on active duty serving their country and preserving our freedom.

Today , I’m sticking with the meaning of the word MEMORIAL which implies honoring the dead.  Memory eternal to the service members who gave their life for their country, and memory eternal to our loved ones.


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