Preview: The Music of Robert Pierre

Robert Pierre

Robert is just a typical teenager who enjoys water basketball and being with his friends.  Or is he?

Meet Robert Pierre, an 18 year old High School senior set to graduate this week.  This Christian singer-songwriter has just finished recording the vocals for his third album.  Hailing from the Orlando, FL area, Robert as begun rehearsals for a few summer festivals.

His new CD is due out later this summer, but I had the opportunity to listen to his EP and I get to share these four songs with you!  If you like contemporary Christian music with an upbeat, feel good tempo you’ll want to check out these songs.  I particularly enjoyed “Jesus” and as the mother of teenagers, I appreciated the fourth song “Identity”.  I think hearing about standing up for your faith in midst of peer pressure is more effective coming from another teenager than from a parent or another adult.

This EP by Robert Pierre is available on Noisetrade.  You can go to to listen to each song individually.  (Click on his picture to find the the listen now playlist). Alternately, you can enter your email address and receive the EP as a download.

You’ll also want to check out Robert’s Facebook Page:

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Robert!


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