Read Aloud Challenge 5/26

I’ve had such a busy May that it should not surprise me that it is the end of the month already but it does.  Time rocketed by me during May and I missed posting last week about the Reading Aloud Challenge.

Not only have we NOT finished any of the books I’ve posted about, but for most of them we’ve not even made any progress.  Despite my desire to make reading aloud a priority in our lives, this month I’ve really struggled.  I decided to give myself permission to relax about the reading aloud and encourage the girls with their independent reading.  I also decided to spend some time reading for me.  There are benefits to having your children see YOU reading for pleasure.

And it’s not that I haven’t read aloud, it’s that I wasn’t reading aloud our literature choices.  Ok I haven’t read aloud to BooBear or Turtlegirl but I have been reading aloud history/social studies to Tailorbear and Supergirl along with some science.

You can read my past Read Aloud updates here.  Debra at Footprints in the Butter started the Read Aloud Challenge   You can find this week’s post here.


  1. Glad you posted! I think "failure" weeks are as important as success weeks... we all manage to not live up to our goals at times. I know I had a much better week this week after last week's miserable non-reading time...

  2. Tess, this is our third week of struggling. Sometimes life just seems to have a way of intervening with our best plans, doesn't it?

    However, the important thing is to keep moving forward and remembering to make it a priority. It is too important to give up after a couple of bad weeks. :)

  3. I didn't put it in my post but I HAVE read from the Dooryard Stories on Wednesdays to Supergirl. I forgot about that one so I guess we did make some progress in a literature book LOL.

    Michelle, we've been compiling a list of Read Alouds for the summer and I don't the girls will let me get away with NOT reading. Things should be better next week with no Crew reviews due and moving into a summer school schedule.


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