Reading Aloud Challenge 5/5

Wow, today is May 5th.   Today my father would have been 75 years old.  I miss him.  He wasn’t a book person though.  I don’t remember ever seeing my father with a book in his hand nor do I recall my father ever reading to me.  He might have.  Maybe.  When I was very small but I doubt it.

I have no memory of my mother reading aloud to me either but I suspect she did.  She introduced me to books.  She always has a book around that she is reading.  When she was here visiting last time, she even went to the book mobile with us and checked out a book.   I have fond memories of riding my bike to the library to check out books.

Yesterday was a bright and beautiful sunny day.  My girls needed to be outside so I shooed them out with books!  I love reading outside.  We often do our read alouds outside in the summer.  We’ve only had two nice days so far this spring but neither of them allowed for reading aloud together outside.

I’m sick (again!) and haven’t done as much reading aloud.  The “big” girls are still reading plenty to themselves and I’ve concentrated on reading aloud (mostly school) to Supergirl.  Daddy has done some reading aloud of history to Tailorbear.  It’s on the to-do list to read some science and history to Tailorbear and Supergirl.

Earlier this week, Supergirl and I finished reading Andi’s Fair Surprise (review coming tomorrow!) and we’ve continued reading from The Dutch Twins (did you catch the review yesterday?  225 ebooks beautifully formated for just $99.95 you might want to check it out!)

How is reading aloud going at your place this week?  You can join in the reading challenge too!  Debra at Footprints in the Butter issued a reading aloud challenge to herself.  I love the idea so much that I’ve been posting with her.  You can read my past  posts here.  You can sign this week’s linky here.

Do you have a favorite reading memory of your parent? Please share it with me in the comments!


  1. Congratulations on your read aloud challenge.

    It is so impressive and inspiring - I loved reading this post!

    Read Aloud Dad

  2. Left a message and it didn't go through so I'll try again. Hope this isn't a duplicate.
    Mark is doing better but still not driving so I must take him where he needs to be...very time consuming but it gets us out of the house without the guilt of wasting gas...we actually have a purpose for going :-D

    The flip side of this is, I'm not doing so well with my reading challenge. But I'm not giving up. Things will probably not be back to normal until summer ends but we'll do what we can until then :-)

  3. Oh, I hate that you have been sick, and that does really mess with reading aloud, doesn't it?

    I'm glad you still checked in though! I find the not-so-good weeks pretty inspiring...


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