BooBear Retires

Elizabeth BBQ PicniKSeveral weekends ago we had a taste of summer. (We have not had much of a summer this year)  The sun came out to play on Friday and joined us for Saturday.   It must have been too much for the orange glow as it disappeared again on Sunday and didn’t make an appearance for several weeks.  It came out again for a day or 2 and disappeared again.  As I type this  I am hoping that the sun is just lost and will soon find its way back again.

During that taste of summer though, the girls and I had a wonderful time at a picnic BBQ for the Handmaidens of our church.   It was a special day for BooBear.   This event marks the closing of a (rather short) season in her life.

Elizabeth Procession PicnikThe young ladies of Orthodox parish may Mantha Procession Picnikserve as Handmaidens.  Generally girls from around 6-8 years until 14-16 years old assist with such duties as holding the “blessed bread” during communion (this is NOT the Eucharist), putting out “too short” candles during the service, and holding icons during processions among other duties.

 In our parish the handmaidens also get together about once a quarter for a “social”.    At this BBQ Picnic Social, BooBear (and one other precious girl) retired as a Handmaiden.  BooBear will move on to serve in other ways.

Mantha Process Stand Picnik I do not have words to express how much it has meant to me that ALL FOUR, yes FOUR, including Supergirl with all her disabilities have been able to participate and serve as Handmaidens.  I’m sure that BooBear will continue to assist Supergirl when necessary but now we are a family of 3 handmaidens.   You did a great job BooBear and I am so proud of you!

The Gift BBQ Picnik


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