Reading Aloud Challenge 7/21

I know the subject line is for Thursday and today is Sunday but Debra, over at Footprints in the Butter posts her Reading Aloud Challenge on Thursdays and it makes it easier for me to keep track if I go with Thursday’s date.

Last week I posted about how we haven’t been reading aloud.  And we still haven’t.  Not exactly anyway.   I did read aloud a couple of short stories to Supergirl this week so that we could do story summaries (she was so cute… note to self:  MUST blog about it!).

My homeschool has exploded all over my living room floor.  I’ve been pulling out the Sonlight books and gathering what we’ll need and trying to sort through what should back into bins.   Because the books have become so accessible to the girls, (the books are just sitting there crying out to be read!) the girls have been doing lots and lots of summer reading.



Wait!  Stop the presses.. I *did* read aloud to Supergirl!!  How could I forget?  I read from Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds.  Look for my review of this book for New Leaf Press soon!

Want to join in this week? Want to read what Debra wrote this week? Click HERE


  1. Your living room is still cleaner than mine...

    And wow, such amazing books pictured...

  2. Accessible books that cry to be read? Sounds good to me [smile].


  3. Your living room is fabulously organized! Good job!


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