Goal Planning Monday 8/8


Before I set goals for this week, I want to touch base with how I did last week.  Here’s my blog post from last week Goal Planning Monday 8/1  Here’s what I did for my last week goals:
Goals 1-4 were Reading Aloud related goals.  I posted a Reading Aloud Challenge post for Footprints in the Butter and you can read that here.

Goal # 5.  Was to finish writing and schedule to post the two book reviews I started.  One review posted.  You can read it here.

Goal #6.  To spend a minimum of 10 minutes daily working on the mountains of paper clutter.  I did fairly well with this.  Decluttering not done but I made dent and it made cleaning for dinner guests easier. 

7.  To get back to reading more books *for me*.  I finished a book that I had started on the Nook and I went to the bookmobile and picked up three more books.  I’m in a “brain candy easy read” mood so the books I’ve chosen are light and fun rather than deep and intellectual. 

I liked setting goals last week so I’m going to set some goals again this week:

Goal #1  Assist Supergirl with writing her birthday thank you’s and encourage TurtleGirl to write hers.

Goal #2 Continue with my  Reading Aloud goals

Goal #3 Make time to sit down with BooBear and finalize some plans for some of her electives

Goal#4 Have a mom/daughter date at Starbucks with Turtlegirl

Goal#5  Create a get organized plan and maybe even blog about it

Goal#6  Blog about school plans

I think I should stop there.  I could keep making goals and I have lots and lots of things on my to do list but it is unreasonable to expect that I would accomplish all those things in one week.  Just thinking about all of them overwhelms me and paralyzes me.   Better to focus on a few things and get them done rather than being paralyzed and get NOTHING done.

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  1. Very nice goals!
    one thing I've learned about goals is they can carry forward to the next list without inducing guilt :)
    Love to you and yours!

  2. I love dates with my kids (one on one). We usually go to a coffee shop, too. I look forward to hearing about your school plans. Thanks so much for signing up.


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