Goal Planning Monday—Aug 1st


I’ve stumbled across a new-to-me Blog Meme called Goal Planning Monday.  I thought I would give this a try this week.  Goal Planning Monday is hosted by Mama Manuscripts.

So what are my goals for this week? (Oh.. Bunny Rabbit Trail.. how cool is that I’m setting goals on a Monday that just *happens* to be the first Monday in a new month?  Oh that makes me so happy!!) I could make a gazillion goals but then I’d feel like a failure when I didn’t accomplish anything at all!

Starting tomorrow (that would be Tuesday.. oh hey another bunny trail.. Granny’s birthday… she’d be um… 98… Memory Eternal Grandma Julia) I will:

1. Read to TailorBear everyday.  There I said it.  This has been an *unspoken* or er um unwritten goal of mine for the entire summer.  I didn’t read to her today but I handed a her a book to read to herself and she’s nearly finished it.

2. Read to Supergirl everyday.  see above.  No I’m not making a goal to read individually to each of my four girls.  But I do have specific books and stories that are geared for these two individually.  ALL may listen in but they are target specific <grin>

3. To Read Aloud or listen to something with ALL the girls a minimum of 3 times this week.   I have so many great books to read aloud to the girls and a dear friend has loaned us the Chronicles of Narnia Radio series from Focus on the Family.

4. To participate this week in the Read Aloud Challenge hosted by Footprints in the Butter.   My participation has been spotty this summer.

5.  To finish writing and schedule to post the two book reviews I started.  I have two blog posts started for two books that I finished reading but I haven’t finished the review.   I don’t know that I want to *publish* them both this week but I want them polished and scheduled.

6.  To spend a minimum of 10 minutes daily working on the mountains of paper clutter.  This one I did actually do today! 

7.  To get back to reading more books *for me*.    I want to see where I am at with my reading challenges and I’d like to get back to reading some of the books I’ve started and set aside because of lack of time.

I think I could keep going and list more goals but I think I’ll stick with these mostly book related goals for this week.   If you’d like to participate in Goal Planning Monday.  HERE is this week’s post!


  1. I am so glad you joined us Tess. I have been doing this meme since the beginning and I have been getting so much more accomplished thanks to setting goals and reaching for them each week. Your goals look great and I pray you have success and that you continue to join us and set and reach for your goals.

  2. Aw, well, Debbie really said it all! Thanks so much for joining us and I hope to see you back next week.

    I also LOVE all your reading goals!


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