Read Aloud Challenge 8/18

Every Thursday, Debra over at Footprints in the Butter hosts a Read Aloud Challenge link up.   You can read about how it became a link up here   I’ve chosen to participate on Saturdays or whenever I can <grin>.

Though we did not read aloud every day this past week, we did get some things started.

mara . We did start reading Mara, Daughter of the Nile this week.  This is scheduled as a Reader (Read Alone or read by the student to himself) but we’ve decided to do it as a read aloud. (I posted about that in a previous Reading Challenge Post.).  Though targeted for Tailorbear, both BooBear and Turtlegirl are listening in as well.   They’ve both read the book on their own.  We do have to admonish Turtlegirl to not tell us any details.  I’ve not read the book before and this is Tailorbear’s first exposure as well.   Sometimes she or I would make a comment and we could clearly see Turtlegirl just dying to tell us key information to confirm or deny the comments.

We also started listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater Presentation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We listened to that on the way to and from piano lessons.  Supergirl is especially enjoying this one!  She kept asking to listen to more of it at home but I’m saving it for *just* piano lesson driving.

We’re continuing to listen to The Last Battle from Ancient Faith Radio podcast Under the Grapevine.  (For links see my previous post here).   Over the last year or so we’ve listened to most of the others. 

We skipped reading from Dooryard Stories this week but we did continue to read aloud from Charlotte’s Web.  Supergirl is loving this book and the only reason we haven’t finished it yet is that I haven’t taken the time to sit down with her and read on a daily basis.  She carries this book all over the house and calls it the “Wilbur book”.  She brings it to me and asks me to please read 2 chapters of Wilbur. 

She’s doing a great job of telling back the story and I’m enjoying watching her comprehension skills increase.  She’s really starting to narrate.  Yes she needs a few prompts such as “then what happened”.  She loves telling Daddy about the story during dinner.

Maybe next week I’ll do an update on what the girls are reading to themselves along with a progress report of what we read aloud.

To join this week’s Read Aloud Link Up at Footprints in the Butter click here.


  1. I need to tell you about some conversations we had in our house yesterday. Well, in our van... LOL.

    Guess what we'll be reading aloud starting tomorrow? Charlotte's Web and Golden Goblet. Mara, Daugther of the Nile would start too, but we have to wait to get that from the library.

    Anyway... great read-aloud choices, dear. :)

    And you need to come back and re-link up. You linked my read-aloud post, not yours. LOL

  2. Well that's what I get for trying to link up when I was so tired from the Zoo trip. Sorry 'bout that. I need to go through the Yesterday Classic books and decide which ones I'll be adding in soon.

  3. I hope the boys and I still read aloud together forever. Now they read to me sometimes. I'll admit, I love it.

    We have been doing the audio of the Narnia series in the car.

  4. Great post on your read aloud books. We have loved Charlotte's Web and all four of my kids like to listen to the FoF version of The Chronicles of Narnia. I think it is so much fun to listen to the kids tell their dad what they are reading.

  5. "Charlotte's Web" sob, sob, sob. Love it.


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