Read Aloud Challenge for 8/4

Last week I didn’t really do a read aloud challenge but I did make a list of goals that were mostly reading related.  You can read about those goals here.   I did link that post to Debra’s Read Aloud Challenge over at Footprints in the Butter.

So this week we did actually get back to some reading aloud!  We had set aside In Search of the Source which I was reading to TailorBear and Dooryard Stories.  I posted about these two books in a reading challenge post from last May!  You can read that one here.  I did read aloud from both of these books this week.  Dooryard Stories is the ebook that I had been reading to Supergirl when her sisters were having piano lessons.  We had an unplanned break from piano for the month of July.  We’re back to piano and so we’re back to Dooryard Stories.

We also decided to start back with some of our school studies.  The weather had not been summer like for most of June or July.   So that means for Tailbear starting Sonlight Core 6 (now called Core G, I think?) and for Supergirl Sonlight’s Core 1 (now called Core B.. maybe?).

Golden Goblet

That means we started the Golden Goblet for Tailorbear.  This is my third time reading through the book aloud.  Though the first time I don’t think we ever finished.  The chapters are quite long and I kept getting interrupted.  We didn’t own the book and eventually we give up and sent the book back to the library.  The second time, though we were able to finish it and we loved it.   I had purchased the book so we were able to read it at our own pace.  The girls still call the book the “interrupt book”.   Knowing that the chapters are so long we decided to start the read aloud *before* starting the history or readers part of the World History Core.  We’re taking two “reading sessions” to finish each chapter.  We’ve completed two chapters now I think?

Supergirl has been very very excited to get started on her Sonlight Core.  Since I’m trying to combine these two World History prcharlwebograms we did start the history part as well as the reader.   So we started Charlotte’s Web recently.  She’s so cute bringing me the book and asking me to please “read more about Wilbur.”   I have been pleasantly surprised at how much she is retaining and how well she can narrate back the events of the chapter.  She really enjoys telling Daddy what Wilbur has been up to each day.

I did read to either Tailorbear or Supergirl nearly every week day this past week.   I didn’t, however, read aloud to the girls as group.  We did make a plan though.   We’ll be listening to The Last Battle from the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.  On piano day we’ll listen to the Focus on the Family Radio Drama presentation of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.   At least that’s the plan.  

Come join us over at Footprints in the Butter.  You can read this week’s challenge here.


  1. My mother's best friend was a school teacher for years and years, and my mom always had to go into the class and read the last chapter of "Charlotte's Web" to the class as her friend cried too hard.

    I do too.

  2. Sounds great! I love your being a bit ahead of us... I can remember what I have to look forward to!!

    Mimi -- I can understand that :)


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